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Started by: lizziedownunder (7203) 

Good morning viewers....

Anagram for today........S N T A F C A I E

Good...... 14 Very good...... 20 Excellent...... 25+

Words of 4 letters or more... all words must include the letter......... F

Previous solution.......
9 letter word.............. TANTALISE
ante anti east last late lent lest lint list neat nest salt sate seat sent silt site slat slit tail tale teal teat tent test tile tilt tine tint atlas inlet inset islet latte leant least natal saint satin slant slate stain stale state steal stein stent stile stilt stint taint taste tinea titan title aslant attain enlist entail latent latest listen silent talent tisane salient satiate sealant

Good luck back Sunday night your time.... Lizzie xoxoxo

Replied: 23rd Jul 2021 at 23:05

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