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Good morning my dear friends...<3<3^_^
Wednesday 7th..28C..sunny.

Well done with your words everyone...

Well done our got the 9 letter word...

Thank you Ray..xx....and our Maureen you are too kind and I am glad you are feeling better...xx

You can’t get rid of your winter...and we can’t get rid of our least the days are shorter here..that’s one good thing for the constant heat and the mornings are very chilly here..just shut the house down in the early morning and we can get away without using the aircon...

Anagram for today....... L F D I E U A I Q

Good...... 16 Very good...... 22 Excellent....... 26+

Words of 4 letters or more... all words must include the letter....... E

Previous solution.......
9 letter word............ FACSIMILE
calf calm clam clef fail file film flea isle lace laic lame leaf lice life lima lime mail male meal mile sail sale seal self slam slim aisle camel claim clams email false flame scale slice slime smile facile filmic fiscal liaise malice mescal silica smile misfile

Good luck everyone... stay safe...<3<3<3

Replied: 6th Apr 2021 at 23:11

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