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Good morning my dear friends.. <3<3^_^
Thursday 25th..21C..partly cloudy..morning showers.

Well done with your words everyone...

Ray, you got the 9 letter word.......
...and thank you!!
Our Maureen, not a problem...and well done with the garden...I bet it will look a treat when it is all finished..say hello to your Lee..<3<3xx

Some lovely rain falling as I type...

Anagram for today....... E L N D H A C T O

Good...... 22 Very good...... 28 Excellent...... 34+

Words of 4 letters or more.... all words must include the letter...... H

Previous solution....
9 letter word......... DESPERATE
dart date drat east part past pate peat pert pest rapt rate rest sate seat spat star step tape tare tear teed trap tree tsar adept aster deter eater paste peter prate rated resat reset sated spate sprat stare stead steed steep steer strap taped taper tared tease tepee terse trade tread treed depart desert parted pasted pester petard prated preset repast repeat reseat rested seated sedate stared teared teased teaser dearest deepest petered predate steeped steeper steered tapered departee pestered repeated reseated

Good luck everyone... stay safe.... <3<3<3

Replied: 24th Mar 2021 at 21:16

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