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Good morning my dear friends.. <3^_^
Thursday clearing.

Well done with your words everyone...

Vince, you got the 9 letter word...

It is an amazingly good product our Maureen...if it came from one of the top plastic surgeons in our state as the best care for any type of wound and surgery aftercare...that is good enough for me...glad your arm healed up ok... <3xx

Ray, if only the weather would stay like this in summer, unfortunately we have a few days in the high 30s coming up ...thank the good Lord for our aircon... :)

Anagram for today...... C G I B N E K N O

Good...... 13 Very good...... 16 Excellent...... 20+

Words of 4 letters minimum....all words must include the letter....... N

Previous solution.....
9 letter word........ TRENDIEST
deer dent diet dine dint dire dirt edit need nerd reed rend ride rind seed send side teed tend tide tied deist dense deter diner eider ender sired sited snide steed tined tired treed trend tried denier denser desert desire detent detest dieter direst driest nested netted reined rented reside rested retted rinsed sender snider stride tender tensed tented tested tiered tinder tinted dentist destine stinted trident inserted resident strident

Good luck everyone.... stay safe..... <3<3<3

Replied: 9th Dec 2020 at 21:10

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