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Started by: lizziedownunder (7206) 

Good morning my dear friends... <3 ^_^
20C...mostly sunny.

Well done with your words everyone...

A lovely sunny excuse..flags out!!

You are so strong our Maureen... <3 xx

Anagram for today.... E C P N P I A L A

Good...... 20 Very good...... 25 Excellent...... 30+

Words of 4 letters minimum...... all words must include the letter....... P

Previous solution.....
9 letter word........ MEANWHILE
ahem alee amen anew elan hale hame heal helm hewn lame lane lean lien lime line male mane meal mean mewl mien mile mine name neem wale wane weal wean whee when wile wine alien amine anile anime elemi* email enema limen newel whale wheel while whine awhile enamel haemin inhale mealie meanie menial wahine hemline

Good luck everyone..... stay safe <3<3<3

Replied: 31st Aug 2020 at 23:10

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