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Good morning my dear friends... <3 ^_^
13C...partly cloudy

Well done with your words everyone...

Ray, you got the 9 letter word..
Hope your toe is healing..

Our Maureen <3xx

Looks like we are in for a second wave of the virus...Victoria has been hit very badly...they are in stage 4 restrictions once more. We have had just a few new cases...but most of them are returning Aussies that have come in on special flights and go into isolation in hotels or two students the schools get closed for a deep clean...hopefully we can stay clear of any major restrictions.

Anagram for today....... R N A O T C I N A

Good...... 10 Very good...... 14 Excellent...... 17+

Words of 4 letters minimum..... all words must include....... T

Previous solution.....
9 letter word........ GERMINATE
amen emir emit game germ gram item main mane mare mart mate mean meat meet mega mere mete mien mine mint mire mite name ream rime tame team teem term time tram trim gamin grime image mange meant merge merit meter metre miner mitre reman remit tamer timer airmen arming enigma ermine gamete gamine inmate magnet manger margin marine marten martin mating meagre meaner metage* meting minter mirage ragmen regime remain remint* rename retime taming emirate garment gatemen germane mangier meatier meeting migrant migrate minaret mintage ragtime raiment reaming regimen regiment remanet* teaming teeming terming emigrant emigrate geminate metering regiment

Good luck everyone.... stay safe.... <3<3<3

Replied: 3rd Aug 2020 at 23:29

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