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Good morning my dear friends... <3 ^_^
15C...morning fog then sunny.

Well done with your words everyone...

Ray, you got the 9 letter word...
I think it is our biggest word count ever Ray...hopefully there are some words in there that I have never heard of...

I miss Marie too our Maureen....<3xx

A good flag flying day hate drying clothes inside...

Anagram for today....... B N E A T T E A M

Good...... 18 Very good...... 23 Excellent...... 28+

Words of 4 letters minimum....all words must include..... T

Previous solution...
9 letter word....... ORIGINATE
ante anti gait gate gent girt gnat goat grit into iota neat note rant rate rent riot rite rota rote tang tare taro tear tern tier tine tire toga tone tong tore torn trio agent argot atone ergot giant grant grate great inert ingot inter intro irate nitre noter oaten orate ratio riant* tango targe* tenor tiger tigon tinea tinge toner train trine argent atoner eating gaiter garnet goitre gratin ignite orient ornate ratine rating ration retain retina taring tinier tiring toeing toerag* tonier triage trigon genitor granite inertia ingrate orating rioting tangier tearing tiering

Good luck everyone.... stay safe.....<3<3<3

Replied: 13th Jul 2020 at 23:37

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