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Good morning my dear friends.... <3^_^
16C...morning fog, then sunny.

Well done with your words everyone....

Vince, you got the 9 letter word...

Well another week of wordy fun ...we are so lucky to live in this state..our border with Victoria is in hard lockdown with the army and the police guarding the many roads from there into South is so sad to read of 3 more deaths in that state...I know it is minute compared with the rest if the world, but due to the recklessness if a few, this didn’t need to happen...

Our Maureen you are a good heart... <3xx

Anagram for today........ R N I E T A O G I

Good...... 42 Very good...... 50 Excellent...... 60+

Words of 4 letters minimum, all words must include........ T

Previous solution.....
9 letter word..... TEMPORARY
atom atop moat mope more mote poem pore port prom roam roar romp rope rote taro tome tope tore typo tyro yore mayor metro mopey moray opera orate ormer* proem repot retro roper ropey tempo toper trope mortar parrot poetry porter protea raptor remora report roamer romper ropery* rotary tremor trompe* portray

Good luck everyone.... stay safe.... <3 <3 <3

Replied: 12th Jul 2020 at 23:38

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