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Good morning my dear friends...💜☀️28C

Well done with your words everyone..Nanajacqui, you got the 9 letter 😊👏

Off to find some bargains this morning...🛒🥫🧀🍞😊

Hope Marie gets her Laptop fixed...😐

Be thinking of you and Cliff our Maureen..❤️xx

Answer....... STRAPLESS
alert alter artel artless earl lapse lase laser lass last late later leap leapt least leat less lest pale paler palest palter pastel peal pearl pelt persalt* petal plaster plat plate plater plea pleat rale* ratel real sale salep* salt salter sapless seal sepal septal setal* slap slat slate slater slept spelt splat stale staple stapler steal tale tales tassel teal tela tepal* tesla*

Anagram for today....... S N I L H O U E Y

Good........ 11 Very good........ 13 Excellent........ 15 Genius........ 17

Words of 4 letters minimum..... all words must include...... H
Good luck everyone..... ☘️☘️☘️

Replied: 4th Feb 2020 at 21:14

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