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Good morning my dear friends...💜⛈37C

Well done with your words, Vince, you got the 9 letter...😊👏

It was a stinker yesterday...went back to my sis’ house for a cool down and some Pizza was far too hot to drive around...when we got in the car to come back to drop me home ...the car registered 45C outside that is hot..🥵

Anyway there is a heap of cloud coming down from the north with heaps of rain in it..lucky for us that we live on a hill ...😊👍

aced acid acted actinide adit advent advice aide avid cade cadent* cadet caned canted caved cedi* cited dace dance date dative davit dean decani* decant dent detain deva deviant dice dicta diet dine dint dita* diva divan dive divine ecad edict edit iced idea identic* incited indicate indict invade invited ivied nidi nitid* tend tide tied tined vaned vend viand vide vied

Anagram for today........ R C O C L T O E L

Good......... 13 Very good......... 16 Excellent......... 18 Genius......... 21

Words of 4 letters minimum..... all words must include........ L
Good luck everyone....☘️☘️☘️

Replied: 30th Jan 2020 at 21:08

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