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Started by: walshy76 (inactive)

because i didnt assk for the mushrooms email address so i could threaten him, like you did with me

here we go again, no doubt youll try to turn it around AGAIN

you asked me for my email, i posted it on here and you replied with nasty emails telling me to apologise, i didnt so thats when the threats started

now make your mind up you say you never sent that email but then say this

It was one of the Liptrots!...I remember!
I remember that email, I never threatened you, but threatened to tell someone that you were badmouthing them

well you telling tales to the liptrots was at the begining of that email, i chose not to include that

so it looks like your lying again is your email address, that's right. I forgot...I used Legion60@

how very convenient to forget

i have know reason to make anything like this up,you keep denying it but theres only one liar here and the decent, well liked and respected members, who dont post anymore, knows who that is

people know your a nasty person when you dont get your own way, i have just showed how nasty you really are, its just a pity your not man enough to admit it

you need to wear a safety harness because that hole is getting bigger and bigger

Replied: 29th May 2012 at 09:12

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