Handbags   (The sad, the bad and the ugly. Non-productive stuff here.)

Started by: Mac (inactive)

I don't think I own the site, I Know I don't. It is merely a medium on which I amuse myself, and hopefully, others.
You have proved nothing . I c&P posts with all the relevant info, dates, etc. So you can find them and see they are factual. You just wrote stuff and coloured it in.

I have no 'gang', we are not real. None of us know each other. Dostaf, Joseph, Mache and I enjoy each others posts, Apologies to (the one or two )others who also enjoy the banter.
I ask again for you to c&P posts that I have threatend you.
I also ask you to stop sniping on posts from myself or Dostaf, none of us care about you.
In fact, both of us have actually helped you. I tried to give you advice when 'your friend' had a faulty gas boiler, I also created links for you when you asked me personally. Both myself and Dostaf have helped you to post links and images. What have you done for us?
Stalked and sniped, that's what. Nothing productive. Not for us, nor for the site we all enjoy. Should people leave, that is their choice. If they don't like our posts, the ignore feature stops them seeing our posts.You don't like our posts, do don't read them. Simple really.

Replied: 28th May 2012 at 21:01

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