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Hi joull no i don't live on Downall green anymore moved in 1960's who am i you ask , let me just say i am one of you a Downall greener. It is intresting reading about the old village life and the stories of the people through the past generations.

Hi greener, I only asked if you still lived in DG..I didn't ask who you are..someone asked me if I knew, I said 'no', but maybe bert knew..he said he didn't, so you're idenetity is safe...

I do agree reading about everyones memories and stories about DG is very interesting...

Sorry Jouell wasnt having a go at you i wasnt affended at people asking who i am its quite funny trying to play the guessing game, i have the advantage of knowing all of you. I guess someone will sus me eventually. Lets get back to the topic of Downall Green, regarding shops in the village does anyone remember the toffee shop on Leyland Green Rd. this is the only one thats never been mentioned.

greener, I don't remember names well at all, but if you told me who you were, would I know you?

As for the toffee shop, in my earlier yrs, the only places on L G rd, was the row of terraced houses on your right as you came up the brow, then the row of council houses on your left, the old pop place then the farm at the top..but I don't remember a toffee shop.. Nurse Nuttall used to sell cigs from her house..but not toffee..I'm stumped..

your trying to throw us off sent I would say you can't remember the shop in the middle of the terrace houses you would have to be in your very late 70s its interesting
thou, two sisters had the shop Bet & Dolly but I only remember the Shaw's living in it as a house latter, tell the parson that give you the question they would know my family

Now you've said that about the shop Dougie,I vaguely remember hearing something about must have been my Dad..I know he was born and lived in Cox Lump and Doe Ridings until moving to D G..But he used to tell us stories of him coming to D G as a young boy to play and explore...

uncle joe i meant the people i had been speaking to recently, are the ones that are familiar, and yes thats the shop Dolly's.Yes jouell you do know me. You never know Dougie i may be in my late 70's.

O.K. then greener do you know me are any of my brothers and sisters

Replied: 6th Dec 2012 at 20:05

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