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Wow, so much to reflect on here. 5000 Spirits, etc. I used to work with a very educated older guy who was into classical music, but my mate introduced him to Incredible String Band... and he was hooked!
I remember seeing Tyrannosaurus Rex's 'Unicorn' in the window of Pem record shop... and was always memorised by it. I have a very early tape of Marc Bolan featuring Mustang Ford, Cat Black, You Scare Me To Death, etc. I was told that Malc MacKinder met Bolan and being a decent modern artist created a work in oil paint for him.
Some other names from the hippy scene I knew back them - Merlin (from Pem or Orrell), Walt Tolley, Stan Mapson (good friend), Daffy (cracked up and don't know what happened to him), Jolly Jim the Postman (he eventually got a master's degree - still see him in town), Mad Jack the Sailor (haven't seen him for years). What a time to belong to!!!

Replied: 18th Oct 2020 at 17:58

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