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Why I refuse to take the Pfizer Covid Vaccine

"The Common Purpose controlled NHS will try to make me have a covid vaccine today as I attend a chemo session.
I left Secondary Modern school in 1965.
Hundreds of thousands of us received this basic Secondary Modern education so that we could obtain useful jobs in the UK workforce.
Eton and other public schools normally provide the people who will control us politically.
Places like Eton, as far as I am aware teach ‘The Classics’, so the people who control us politically have very little, if any, scientific knowledge.
The Politicians , Establishment and Civil Service rely on scientific advice from the Universities, and people like Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College.
Whatever Neil Ferguson dishes up to the politicians as sound scientific advice is taken at face value and acted upon.
The Politicians in their ignorance, like most of us, must accept whatever Ferguson and his colleagues tell us.
This gives people such as Ferguson enormous political clout and leverage.
This political clout and leverage also extends to Bill Gates of Microsoft and Windows.
Bill Gates has given Ferguson and Ferguson’s Imperial College Dept massive funding over the years, to help push Bill Gates’ Population Control and Vaccine programmes.
Prince Charles, one of the World’s leading thinkers, along with Prince William and Hillary Clinton, are closely tied in with Bill and Melinda Gates’ Foundation Discovery Centre, pushing the Climate Change Agenda.
The Climate Change Agenda has nothing to do with controlling the climate, but everything to do with controlling the people.
Tangled webs of influence controlling us.
It is worth taking a quick look at Neil Ferguson’s abysmal track record, and the enormous damage that Ferguson and his cronies have done to the UK over the years.......
Ferguson has now resigned. To quote:-
"Back in 2009 Ferguson and his team at London’s Imperial College said that swine flu would kill 65,000 British people. It actually killed fewer than 500.
Do you remember the BSE scare, better known as Mad Cow Disease? Ferguson and the Imperial team were involved there, too.
Said it could kill as many as 150,000 people in the UK. How many did it kill? A total of 178.
And there was bird flu, back in 2005. Ferguson was at it again, suggesting that 200million could die from it worldwide.
How far out was he, in the end? Oh, out only by 199,999,700 or so. Bird flu killed just 282 people worldwide."
And we are supposed to trust these people?
Just because they have the title Dr or Professor, or claim to have some scientific qualification that makes their judgement so much better than our own, with our own minimal education?
Science only works when it is exposed to questioning.
Science lurches from one mistake to another, but does advance our knowledge of everything, but only because Science is subject to intense scrutiny.
When scientific ideas begin to look dodgy and no longer add up, the scientific method is applied, and the search for the next model begins.
I think that anyone who claims to have science qualifications, but then tries to belittle or generally humiliate ordinary people for asking questions or posting alternative views is highly suspect.
These people may have the qualifications, but they do not have any scientific aethos.
These people are not scientists. They are trying to suppress freedom of inquiry, for their own agenda.
Whatever that agenda is we can only guess, but looking at the main players trying to silence us, my own guess is Power.
Pity Tom Sharpe is no longer with us to illuminate these University cliques.
Seeing the people who are behind this covid vaccine in the UK and US, if you are convinced you need a vaccine, take a look at the Russian ‘Sputnik’ Vaccine. Israel is using Sputnik so it may be OK."

Replied: 30th Dec 2020 at 17:58

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