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Well, of course, Golden Bear. That's what this has been all about since the beginning. They had a 1000-bed hospital built quick sticks in Wuhan because they knew exactly what they were doing and this has been nothing but a political exercise to attempt to gain world domination.

Create a virus and let it loose, with a hospital ready and waiting for those who were susceptible and needed immediate treatment and then, a few months later announce it to the world and allow it to continue to create mayhem on the planet and crush the economy.

Then, when that was done to their satisfaction, they manufactured thousands of pieces of PPE which was hastily bought up by every country earning China millions, knowing that it was no protection at all, but they already had the means of containing it so their own people were given the antedote and survived just fine.

I've said from Day 1 that this was a scaremongering propaganda tactic but, sadly, many people with underlying ailments have died as a result because their immunity was too low to cope with it, and it's created fear worldwide. Problem is, the Chinese aren't interested in that. In fact, they'd be pleased. You only have to go back into their history to learn of their cruelty and desperate need for supremacy, and the Governments of the world have been terrified into believing that the more fear they create, the more the West will bow to the East, which must not happen.

Has there been any apology from China since this happened and that they will do all within their power to rectify the situation? No, because they're holding the world to ransom, which is what this was all about, and only now are people starting to realise that this was the Scam of the 21st Century! Well, perhaps scam isn't the right word, but it did what it was intended to do and they knew well in advance of the fear they'd create back in 2019 when the virus was manufactured. There's no doubt in my mind whatsoever that it was created especially to cause fear by brain-washing, and it did the job. It's not the fault of the Chinese population so they can't be blamed as a nation, but their arrogant leaders can.

Joe Biden has nothing to do with anything, nor did that idiot Trump. We have to look to ourselves and take positive action to fight against all the beaurocracy and lies we've been told, and once again take back our strength of will and maintain our humanity, unless you want to become dictated to by the Chinese and scuttle around like robots.

There are 66.65 million people in the UK and not one death has been recorded which was attributed directly to C19 because it, in itself, was not lethal as many survivors can attest to, so don't be fooled.

Replied: 30th Dec 2020 at 05:49

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