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I first watched Arrival when it 'arrived' on Netflix a few months ago, or to be accurate I watched about half of it, and meant to return and watch the other half another time, because Netflix remembers where you watched it up to, and you can just 'resume' watching it, even if several months have passed by, and I do that a lot, especially if it's a 'slow' film, but the problem is that by the time I come to watch the remaining part of the film, I have forgotten what the first part was about, so I end up watching the entire thing.

But each to his own, and that is me, but with Arrival I did find it slow, and I had forgotten how it started off, so yesterday I decided to watch the entire film, and I didn't read that synopsis about it, posted from a link on here, so I watched it all yesterday with a clear mind, or as clear as my mind can be.

I was alright, with it, but only just alright with it, until towards the end of the film it did not explain what those Aliens wanted, and OK that woman realised that these Aliens were not nasty Aliens, because she had learned to read their language, and then she decided to phone the Chinese leader, like you can do, so I thought she gets through, and Chinese don't attack their Aliens, and so well done, American heroine, saves the world, and that would be the and of the film, can I say 'Heroine' or do women not like that now, because it is sexist, and they want to be Heroes instead ?

But bloody hell, that last two minutes of that film when she is talking to the Chinese leader, who keeps whispering in her ear, and she does not remember what she did, I couldn't make head or tale of it, it was something about time travel I don't know, but it spoiled the film, how can a piece of crap like that film win awards, it was utter dirge.

Replied: 18th Oct 2021 at 14:15

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