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Started by: Stardelta (7870)

The problem is not the forum itself Ray, just certain participants of the forum, many would agree with me. although few are prepared to stand up and be counted alongside me. The main protagonists of all this have been removed in the past for behaving unreasonably but they just let the heat die down and re-join using different details, or revert to a dormant back up identity prepared in the past, sometimes years in the past. Long time members with low post counts who suddenly appear may be genuine, but equally may not be. They also swap log in details and passwords. The person you are talking to today under a certain screen name may not be the same person using the same name tomorrow and it is all a game to them. They think they are convincing people but they are only convincing some. The names may change but identities, characters, motives and agendas don't. Some can spot them, some cant, some spot them and say nothing. However the majority are totally oblivious to it all.

I said earlier this place has an underside and that you are associating with some very toxic, twisted manipulative and deluded individuals who carry agendas and delight in conduct of this nature. I assume you are now in a position to agree with me. The proof is now there for all to see, both by members of this forum and others.

The way I see it Ray you have been antagonised, humiliated baited and provoked with the sole intention of pushing you to your limit by individuals who believe (and continually attempt to convince others) that' their behaviour is perfectly reasonable and justified and in actual fact it is you that is the root cause of the problem, not them. And now furthermore and sadly, as a result of your reaction to this campaign of harassment it is you that is being vilified. Believe me, you are far from being the first to be subjected to this ordeal. It is an appalling and abhorrent way to treat anyone. least of all someone of your character, particularly as you have recognised what you see as a shortfall in your behaviour and attempted to make amends while others steadfastly refuse to, or even acknowledge your gesture.

I would welcome the chance to talk with you in private, if you don't wish to contact me with an email that contains your name would it be an option to create an alternative email address that gives no clues whatsoever to your name and use this instead? Furthermore the method I intend to use does not involving making personal email addresses public or available to anyone else in this forum.

EDIT: Perhaps it is best if I give a reason Ray. I have been hanging around here for years. I can give you real names and tell you who is masquerading , both in this forum and others where I keep a much lower profile. Tell you about things that have happened in here the past, who is genuine and can be trusted and who of course is a sympathiser and I can give you a smattering of more personal info on people, info that has come from sources outside of this forum that I shouldn't really know but in different circumstances may prove useful. Wigan is not a big place There is no sinister intentions on my behalf, its all just to give you and advantage and help you get ahead in the game and to stop all this from happening to you again. Like I said, use an anonymous email.

Replied: 6th Aug 2020 at 10:52

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