Abram Arley Mine 1908

Started by: Lois B (4)

I have a puzzle in my family tree and I'm hoping someone can help me solve it. I know there was an explosion at the Abram Maypole Pit on 18th August 1908 killing 75 men and I have found a newspaper report which says the first descent of the pit after the disaster was in May 1909.
Does anyone know if there was another pit in Abram still working the Arley mine during that time? My grandfather's young brother Charles Owen Campbell is buried in Hindley Cemetery. His gravestone reads "also Charles Owen Campbell who was killed in the Abram Arley mine on Oct 30th 19?8 aged 15 yrs.
I have a birth record in 1892 and a death record in 1908. If the Maypole was closed between Aug 1908 to May 1909, where was Charles working? I'd be really grateful for any help, I find it really unusual that I can't find any record of his death in colliery records.

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Posted by: gaffer (6934) 

This 1908 map shows two Abram collieries not far from the Maypole.

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Posted by: Lois B (4)

Thanks Gaffer. How far do you think they are from the Maypole? Think I might have to order Charlie's death certificate to find out more.

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The reference for the death certificate is volume 8c page 54, fourth quarter of 1908. If you are buying on line there is a discount if you quote the reference.

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Posted by: winder (1293)

On the Lancs BMD site it says he died at Hindley.
Maybe his home address?

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Lois, the Abram Colliery seems to have worked the Arley Seam of coal so best guess is that that is the one. It was south of Bickershaw Lane in the fields opposite the Queens pub. The other pit close by was Wigan Junction but Abram seems the better bet.Try Googling 'Ackers and Whitley' and you'll find a site Communigate/Coal Mining in and around Abram.

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When I was kid we used to go to a pond (as kids do) that we called the Arley, it was down Bolton House road in Bickershaw further past the Albert pit.Was this pond the pit lodge?

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Posted by: Lois B (4)

Thanks all. You were correct flaggy delf, his death certificate states he was killed by a fall of stone at the Abram Colliery. Still think it's strange I can't find any reference to his death anywhere. Maybe because it was so soon after the Maypole disaster he just got overlooked. The coroner at his inquest was S Brighouse the same man who oversaw the Maypole disaster. Shame really - he was only 15! Was there a Wigan Observer or similar at the time does anyone know? I have a subscription to the British Newspaper Archives but there doesn't seem to be any Wigan papers on yet.

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I think the main newspaper for publishing mining accident reports etc. was the Liverpool Mercury. Try entering it into google!

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Posted by: marymar (2)

I checked on the British newspaper site and found a report in the Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser of 6 November 1908 which reads "Charles Campbell miner of Leigh was on Saturday killed by a falling stone in Bram [sic] Collieries."

That's all it says, I'm afraid.

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