wiganers at war

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does anyone remember when Wigan Pier was a heritage centre and they had a section on Wiganers at the Boer War? i'm sure there was a list of recruits on the wall. i'm having trouble finding my great grandad and in the middle of the night I had a light bulb moment when I wondered if he could have joined up. does anyone know of a list?

Started: 24th Mar 2013 at 09:48

Posted by: i-spy (15034) 

I don't remember that list you mention at the heritage centre kath.
there is though a list of casualties - those killed and wounded in the Boer war - at

it might be worth a look.

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Posted by: kathpressey (5344) 

i'll do that. thanks ispy.

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Posted by: Mac (inactive)

Found anything, Kath?

Replied: 18th Jul 2013 at 19:57

Posted by: tonker (24049) 

I found this photo of some Boer War action. Kath's great grandad is shown on the far right of the photo, attacking a man dressed in a red coat with a white hat on, somewhere in Africa Probably?

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Posted by: kathpressey (5344) 

to be honest I forgot because I get side tracked but I must get back into the ancestor thing

Replied: 5th Aug 2013 at 12:41

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Posted by: dickypoos (28)

Tonka that was the Zulu war not the Boar war , it happened just over the border line in Zululand , that was before the local authority re-organisation .

Replied: 7th Sep 2014 at 11:25

Posted by: MarieM (5563)

Wasn't it a shame when Wigan Council let the Wigan Pier Heritage Centre go to ruin.

Replied: 7th Sep 2014 at 20:31


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