History of Wigan

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If a 'borough' is an area governed by an administrative body, and if, as is claimed (yet again) in that article, Wigan was the first 'borough' in Lancashire, what was Newton le Willows when Wigan was part of it? A 'borough' maybe?

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Yes. And a 'Hundred' served the same purpose as a 'Borough', didn't it?

Anyroadup, what's that mon got to do with boroughs or hundreds? Is he a Wiganer?

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"Mummy, Can I be a Wiganer for Christmas?"
"No, my little Honky tonk, we can't afford to go up in the World yet. But eat all your mouse droppings up up and you will soon be a big lad, and then you will be able to go there and see how the other half live."

I found that transcript in a bin in Smellins

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That was the pic I found it with!

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