Haigh Hall (Plantations)

Started by: dostaf (inactive)

Given to the people of Wigan. Or was it?

Started: 27th Feb 2013 at 14:34

Posted by: erontquay (inactive)

How many Wiganers were told that it belonged them personally. I was always told that a "will" went missing and that if it was found I would inherit, a late uncle always paid into a fund to prove it. Seem to remember a lot of other folk laying claim to the same

Replied: 27th Feb 2013 at 17:40

Posted by: Mac (inactive)

HAHAHAHA....That was funny, EQ. It's a good job the word gullible doesn't exist in the dictionary, eh!

Replied: 27th Feb 2013 at 18:00

Posted by: erontquay (inactive)

Its true

Replied: 27th Feb 2013 at 18:01

Posted by: Mac (inactive)


The incompetents are the managers of the porperty (Hence it's poor condition).



Replied: 27th Feb 2013 at 18:04

Posted by: dostaf (inactive)

Remember one fellow claiming to have distant 'connections' to the familiy. He seemed to feel cheated.

Anyroad, as is seen in Mac's second link, and contrary to what a lot of folk believe; the place wasn't given.

Replied: 27th Feb 2013 at 19:22

Posted by: lizziedownunder (7200) 

HAIGH HALL.....has the most spectacular surroundings.......I am totally in raptures with it......I am actually thinking that I may have been living there in another life......truly may scoff.....go on scoff!!! But it seems to be so important in my I say I have known the place before in another time.....when I walked in the front door as a little girl I knew it then.....

Replied: 4th Mar 2013 at 23:46

Posted by: lizziedownunder (7200) 

Sorry folks......I went off again......

Replied: 8th Mar 2013 at 03:30

Posted by: dostaf (inactive)

Nothing to be sorry about, Lizzie.

Replied: 8th Mar 2013 at 13:29

Posted by: lizziedownunder (7200) 

Thanks Dostaf......I have had a picture of Haigh Hall sister did it for me, I am going to frame it so I can look at it every is of the front facade.....looks really good on a bright sunny day.......

Replied: 8th Mar 2013 at 20:43


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