William Henry Speakman, Chairman of Highfield CC

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As we approach the centenary of Highfield Cricket Club, we are looking for some local insight and knowledge to help us strengthen our club records.

Our first ever Chairman was William Henry Speakman (no obvious relation to myself as current Chairman - Gary Speakman).

William Henry and his wife Annie (Lancaster family from Little Lane originally) married in 1911 at St Mathews Church and lived in “Wildes Cottages” in 1920. They had moved to Southern St, off Billinge Road, by 1928.

William Henry passed away in 1935 aged just 46, leaving a widow Annie and three children Albert, Elsie and Edna. They lived at 34 Enfield Street in 1939.

Annie passed away in 1975, Elsie 1990 (she married a John Galloway) and Albert in 1991. Not sure about Edna who married a Robert Winstanley.

It would be great to contact family members to see what they know about William Henrys time as Chairman in the early days of our club.

If any of the names above mean anything to you, please message on this Board contact Gary on 07721 639970.

Started: 28th Mar 2021 at 13:12


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