Demolished Buildings in King Street

Started by: Perkin Warbeck (1458)

Can anybody name any buildings in King Street that have been demolished since 1950?

Also any history or memories of the buildings?

Started: 27th Oct 2020 at 13:04

Posted by: PeterP (8796)

Look at Album Wigan album King street

Replied: 27th Oct 2020 at 13:48

Posted by: Heatons68 (79)

King St Baptiste church was demolished
late 60s maybe 70s , it was roughly where
revolution is now

Replied: 27th Oct 2020 at 14:11

Posted by: JR (253)

Next to the Baptist Church was the Shakespeare Pub (the Hippodrome at the side had already been demolished). I used to go the Shakespeare in 1970. It had a big coal fire burning in winter. There were photos on the wall of stars who had appeared at the Hippodrome. I think Lennon's Supermarket was built on the site and the TSB was built there too. Across the road on the corner of King Street and Rodney Street were the Borough Courts, which was also the Town Hall before they moved.

Replied: 28th Oct 2020 at 09:45
Last edited by JR: 28th Oct 2020 at 11:58:24

Posted by: tonker (23935) 

Terry Lennon bought the Hippodrome and turned part of it into Lennon's supermarket.

Replied: 28th Oct 2020 at 18:54

Posted by: JR (253)

Ron Hunt has posted a photo of the Baptist Church on Album.

Replied: 30th Oct 2020 at 14:16


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