Pubs in Scholes....

Started by: custard (6946) 

Can any of you lovely people give me or point me to any links to a list or better still a map of Scholes which names all the pubs from top to bottom of scholes..Thanks..

Started: 29th Nov 2019 at 19:26

Posted by: PeterP (8796)

Custaed type in search box "pubs in scholes" and it gives you a map and names of 64 pubs

Replied: 29th Nov 2019 at 20:06

Posted by: custard (6946) 

Thankyou Peter, much appreciated..

Replied: 29th Nov 2019 at 21:52

Posted by: aussie94 (2386)

There were plenty

Replied: 2nd Jan 2020 at 04:49


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