Wigan Grammar School 1958-63

Started by: fedup (192)

Anyone out there remember those days? Rugby at Prospect in the mud! Cricket on the Mesnes with balls hit regularly into the Street or Bus Station opposite!(Once broke a window myself in Mabs Cross Garage Car Showroom-Oops!) Fives in the corner of the Mesnes Field.
Good days for school sports!
But now I go again to the same school- but as an Outpatient from the Hospital-How times change!

Started: 18th Jan 2017 at 10:39

Posted by: Handsomeminer (1741)

Remember the Fives court but no idea how to play it

Replied: 19th Jan 2017 at 17:57

Posted by: peebee (588) 

Being a 'Linacre Lad' I have many fond memories of that field, mainly athletics and the sand pit in the far corner near Parsons Walk.....................I was long jumping and triple jumping in it not making sand castles.

Replied: 19th Jan 2017 at 18:51

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4041) 

The only lad i recall who went to the Linacre was named
GEOFFREY LAWLESS between 1958-1962, he used to live in Kingsley Avenue, Worsley Mesnes . Grew up with Geoff not heard nor seen of him for going on 50 odd years don't time fly?

Replied: 24th Feb 2017 at 15:36

Posted by: aussie94 (2386)

feup you mention rugby at prospect. Where is/was Prospect in Wigan

Replied: 1st Mar 2017 at 09:02

Posted by: baker boy (15571)

prospect park was at boars head/chorley road.
fed up 1963 we where using robin park for everything bar cricket.

Replied: 4th Mar 2017 at 21:23

Posted by: fedup (192)

baker boy- you are correct that the school used Little Lane and then Robin Park for football and rugby by 1963. Cricket still on the Mesnes Field.
Aussie 94 the Prospect Park Rugby grounds were at the end of Green Lane in Standish which is where WiganGSOB played as did the Grammar School teams. Wigan GSOB re named Wigan RUFC and moved to Douglas Valley, Leyland Mill Lane where they play to this day!

Replied: 6th Mar 2017 at 19:07

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4041) 

Just off tack a bit but anyway here goes what reminds me of Wigan Grammar School between 1958-1963 was the fact that but for half of one point i could have ended up at that school. I sat my 11 plus not at the normal time because i was off school sick/ill so i had to sit mine in the summer holidays,by the way with a hell of a lot of other pupils who for one thing or another were in the same boat as me.
I attended ST.JAMES.ON POOLSTOCK LANE, NR THE BOLD PUB,It's something that haunts me to this day " WHAT IF""
HALF A POINT.So i ended up at HIGHFIELD SEC MOD have to say liked it in a funny way.

Replied: 8th May 2017 at 02:02

Posted by: roylew (3371)

I went to grammar school gb....and bloody hated it....enjoyed rugby though...and maths...the rest is a blur

Replied: 8th May 2017 at 15:56

Posted by: aussie94 (2386)

Wigan grammar =SNOBS

Replied: 16th Jun 2017 at 12:06

Posted by: fedup (192)

Don't know of any snobs when I was there, and most of us came from what may be described by some people as "not the smartest areas of the town".
Just kids with brains and who were prepared to work!

Replied: 30th Jun 2017 at 14:36

Posted by: gideonfel (325)

Agreed, fedup. I went to John Rigby at Orrell. It was a boys' grammar school built for the benefit of many working class kids from Wigan, Hindley, Leigh, Pemberton, Chorley etc. I had a great time there. No snobbery there. As you say, fedup, just lads who [for most of the time anyway!] were prepared to work!

Replied: 1st Jul 2017 at 12:51

Posted by: aussie94 (2386)

I accept your posts , but have to say that was not how I experienced it. Always a supperior attitude

Replied: 4th Jul 2017 at 09:55

Posted by: peebee (588) 

Aye they couldn't half supp them G/S lot, but not as much as us Linacre lads.!!

Replied: 4th Jul 2017 at 19:10

Posted by: broady (17206) 

I'll tell you why we had a superior attitude. Because we could spell SUPERIOR. I am not ashamed to say I went to TLS. Ipasses an exam that I didn't really know what it meant and I went to a different school. End of. I can swear to my maker I never considered myself superior/ inferior in any way. I carried that on throughout my working life.

Replied: 15th Jul 2017 at 22:58

Posted by: aussie94 (2386)

Good on ya , i can can tell you despite my poor education in England I got a far superior one in Australia. I finished my career working at the highest level for an Iconic Australian Airline. An opportunity I have cherished.

Replied: 16th Jul 2017 at 11:12

Posted by: broady (17206) 

All's well that ends well. Did you become a snob once you got the Australian education??

Replied: 16th Jul 2017 at 14:40

Posted by: aussie94 (2386)

broady No a proud member of the Australian Labor Party

Replied: 17th Jul 2017 at 11:18

Posted by: peebee (588) 

Actually the spelling is Labour in English, you will have to make your mind up if your a Yankee or a Fair Dinkum Ossie as Australians use a combination of both types of spelling .

Replied: 17th Jul 2017 at 19:23

Posted by: aussie94 (2386)

peebee , That is correct but the correct spelling in Australia for the political party is Australian Labor Party. Google it and see if I am right

Replied: 2nd Aug 2017 at 10:25

Posted by: upthetims (6576)

Went to WGS 1960-64 and hated it.The only snobs I remember were those who were there because of what family they belonged to.Didn't save them from an occasional slap

Replied: 11th Aug 2017 at 19:27

Posted by: aussie94 (2386)

Replied: 13th Aug 2017 at 10:20

Posted by: peebee (588) 

After being in the Linacre building for years the Grammar School was a dingy dump of a building.

Replied: 14th Aug 2017 at 23:17

Posted by: upthetims (6576)

Thowt T Linacre a load of numpties who dragged us down

Replied: 24th Oct 2017 at 16:14

Posted by: peebee (588) 

Replied: 26th Oct 2017 at 22:39

Posted by: elizabeth (5439) 


Replied: 3rd Aug 2018 at 17:13

Posted by: jud178 (244)

1958-63 I was at the Thomas Linacre best school in Wigan by a mile.

Replied: 27th Sep 2018 at 17:18


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