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Can anyone recall the name of a shop at the top end of Tunstall Lane the Ormskirk rd end it may have been near to the old cinema ( carlton) (SPortsman) anyway that shop are you ready used to re-charge your radio batteries back in the early 50s we did not have telly then but would sit round listening to PERRY MASON might have been on Friday
then sometimes the unthinkable happened the battrey went flat ,no re-runs or owt like that ,it's the name is bugging me .

Started: 15th Jul 2016 at 15:07

Posted by: Jazzy (8656) 

GB🐻 Do you mean where Galloways is or was?

Dodgers your best bet for the answer, but I'm looking

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Hey Jazzy actually it would be direct opposite where Galloways was if you imagine just coming up tunstall lane on the right near the top there were the old type stone built cottages so as one got to the top it were like top but just turning right ,hope that helps a bit any way thanks for your help.

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Hi GB, information on the shop you are trying to remember is very scarce! Could it have been Massams?

I have only found a couple of comments on here that might help? The Carlton Cinema was there from 1937 to 1958/9 so the era looks right! I believe that building is a carpet warehouse now, though that could easily have changed.

Any road, here's the comments

Comment by Cyril on 20th March 2013 at 12:52

I went in there when it was the Sportmans and when it was the Unit Four, which was mis-named as it only had three theatres and you were packed in like sardines in a tin. When it first opened it showed those awful porn films of the time in the afternoons, I would often laugh at the queues of men in raincoats with collars pulled up and hats pulled well down over their faces waiting to go in.

I can recall it as being The Carlton though my best memories of that area are of Mrs Massam's shop next door on the corner of Ormskirk Road and Tunstall Lane.


And one in reply to a post you made about the lamp post

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I can remember Mrs Massam's shop on corner of Tunstall Lane and Ormskirk Road, but I can't recall a really big lamp post being around there, the tram wires were held up on the lamp posts along Ormskirk Road, maybe it was one of them he meant as they were very tall and made from cast iron, there is a photo of Ormskirk Road showing these lamp posts with the tram wires attached on the Album somewhere.


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Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4131) 

HIYA Jazzy,
If it's ok i will contact you later but guess what GAL !
You have done it again that is the correct name of the shop
many,many thanks. G.B

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Posted by: Jazzy (8656) 

I only found what other folks had posted GB, so thanks to Cyril and ayrefield for sharing the memory.

Speak to you later

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