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Hi trying to gather information on any businesses or shops from Market Street, Wigan (not Hindley) in 1967 - are any of them still there/still around today? Is Market Street still there or did it get knocked down and become New Market Street?

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All the shops on the right hand side has you walked down were demolished in the late 1960s and early 1970s along with the Market Arcade and Commercial Yard to make way for a shopping arcade, Lowe's store was demolished and is now a bank, The Crofter's Arms is still there, but no longer a pub, Lloyd's bank is still there too, all the rest of the shops are now very different from the 1960s, the front part of the Queen's Hall remains after a vast majority of the building was demolished to make way for a bus station, the market hall and the market square have also gone with a new market hall and supermarket being built on there.

Newmarket Street runs along the bottom end of Market Street from Frog Lane to Northway formerly part of Dicconson Street

There are some photos of the original Market Street in the Album in Photos of Wigan.

This is a photo from the Album of the shops on Market Street that were demolished to make way for Marketgate, all those shops were occupied and were always very busy with customers, whereas Marketgate is now almost all empty shops units and hardly any customers going in.

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Mick over on the Forum has done a video whilst cycling up Market Street, Market Place and Standishgate, so you can see how these areas now look.

Cycling through Wigan centre

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