The Latham brothers

Started by: peter francis (22)

I am working on my family tree, can anyone give me information about the Latham brothers who were mine owners in 1900 . I think it was Rose Bridge and Ince hall colliery that they owned, any information would be appreciated.

Started: 11th Feb 2014 at 00:30

Posted by: gaffer (6855) 

William and Thomas Latham were the owners of Rosebridge colliery. Ince Hall pit was owned by Pearson and Knowles.

1891 census. William born 1855, colliery proprietor, living at 271 Scholes.
1901 census living at 139 Wigan Lane

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Posted by: peter francis (22)

Thanks gaffer, Do you know how I can get detailed information about Rosebridge Colliery from 1870 onwards

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Posted by: gaffer (6855) 

Hi Peter

There should be a file in the Council archives at Leigh Town Hall. Give them a call and arrange an appointment and ask them to get the file ready for you.
Make sure you take a camera to photograph any file pages that is of interest.

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Posted by: MarieM (5563)

gaffer Peter lives in Southampton so he could Email Leigh Town Hall and also Museum of Wigan Life in Library St.

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Posted by: peter francis (22)

Thanks gaffer & Marie for the leads. I will ask my nephew who lives near Wigan to follow up your suggestions . Regards Peter

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Posted by: gaffer (6855) 

Institution of Mechanical Engineers visit in 1872.

The Members then proceeded to the Rosebridge Colliery of Mr. J. G. Morris, where they descended the shaft of 815 yards depth and 16 feet diameter, the deepest shaft at present in England. The time occupied by the cage in traversing this depth is not quite one minute, giving a mean speed of about 30 miles per hour in the shaft. The winding drum of 26 feet diameter and 40 tons weight is worked by a pair of horizontal engines with cylinders of 36 inches diameter and 6 feet stroke.

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Posted by: peter francis (22)

Thanks Gaffer, The Above report proves the shaft was deepened to the Arley seam before 1880s.. This was one of my outstanding queries.

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Posted by: gaffer (6855) 

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