Headline gave me a bit of a shock

Started by: i-spy (15002) 

It said 'Jarvo poses for gay mag'
but reading the article it turned out to be Jarvo's ex Wolves favourite Matt Jarvis,now of West Ham.
Married and straight,he's on the cover of Attitude insisting that gay footballers should not be afraid to come out. Quite right too.

Started: 4th Jan 2013 at 17:07

Posted by: veg grower (inactive)

Replied: 4th Jan 2013 at 17:31

Posted by: dostaf (inactive)

Yum Yum

Little bit o culture there for you.

Replied: 4th Jan 2013 at 17:48

Posted by: Mac (inactive)

Neither would surprise me.

Replied: 4th Jan 2013 at 18:27

Posted by: beep54 (1029)

And what a lovely friendly man Matty Jarvis is

Replied: 4th Jan 2013 at 22:11


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