plucking pheasants

Started by: erontquay (inactive)

Plucked six. I should keep my mouth shut about making game pie, now everyone wants one

Started: 19th Dec 2012 at 21:10
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Posted by: kryten (inactive)

Are you just plucking them till the pheasant plucker comes Eront?

Replied: 19th Dec 2012 at 21:14

Posted by: Mac (inactive)

I'm game!

Replied: 19th Dec 2012 at 21:16

Posted by: i-spy (15034) 

thats cos you are such a pheasant plucker EQ

Replied: 19th Dec 2012 at 21:16

Posted by: dostaf (inactive)

Coming soon:

Bottle rattling in Horrocks's yard.

Replied: 19th Dec 2012 at 21:22

Posted by: erontquay (inactive)

I shall be plucking no more this year, Oh sh..ugger,I forgot the partridge which isn't in the pear tree but hanging up in imonts shed
Incidentally Mac good find you AIM to please

Replied: 19th Dec 2012 at 21:57
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Posted by: Mac (inactive)

Did you knock it down yourself, EQ?

Replied: 19th Dec 2012 at 21:58

Posted by: erontquay (inactive)

No I have my own personal Gilly or is it Ghillie

Replied: 19th Dec 2012 at 22:00

Posted by: Mac (inactive)

Go for the latter...though I can't see it, myself.

Replied: 19th Dec 2012 at 22:02

Posted by: scoop (3285) 

One you missed earlier.

Replied: 19th Dec 2012 at 22:58

Posted by: bassman (3591)

Hope they were deceased before plucking.....RSPCA will be informed....

Replied: 19th Dec 2012 at 23:50

Posted by: kathpressey (5470) 

i can remember watching mum pluck a chicken. that was in the days when chicken was a real treat. i don't think we got turkey until i was a teenager.

Replied: 20th Dec 2012 at 09:05

Posted by: Mac (inactive)

I caught a lad stuffing the turkey in his kitchen once....

Replied: 20th Dec 2012 at 14:17

Posted by: erontquay (inactive)

which end,

Replied: 20th Dec 2012 at 14:34

Posted by: Weatherwax (317)

wrong i-spy, its because she's a pleasant plucker!

Replied: 20th Dec 2012 at 18:25

Posted by: Mac (inactive)


Replied: 20th Dec 2012 at 19:05

Posted by: i-spy (15034) 

I can skin a rabbit but he wont come out of his hutch.

Replied: 21st Dec 2012 at 13:23

Posted by: erontquay (inactive)

Not surprised, would you come out if someone threatened to show you a chopper a couple of onions and a carrot.

Replied: 21st Dec 2012 at 13:58

Posted by: mache (inactive)

'some' would

Replied: 21st Dec 2012 at 13:59

Posted by: staffbullterrier (2224)

wrapped in a pound of fatty bacon, and cooked upside down..
just the job

Replied: 21st Dec 2012 at 16:23

Posted by: erontquay (inactive)

Well here we go again, another game plan How do you pluck a pheasant. I've got a few more that need doing. They are well hung.

Replied: 6th Dec 2014 at 18:25

Posted by: staffbullterrier (2224)


have you noticed any difference in them when they have been hung? we didn,t
my friend no longer shoots so we haven,t had 1 for ages.
he once made a rather large game pie,just the hare that went in it weighed 10lbs

Replied: 7th Dec 2014 at 15:04

Posted by: erontquay (inactive)

Not a great deal of difference to be honest SB Perhaps if I hung them longer there would be a difference. Just have this thing in my mind that they will go off.

2012 game pie I made was a sight to behold. I was rather chuffed with it. I learned my lesson. I made a few but smaller last year. Thing is if I'd kept my mouth shut, I wouldnt have to bake them for friends, but they do make a nice gift.

Replied: 7th Dec 2014 at 15:44

Posted by: dennis dickinson (1131)

staffbullterrier - you wrote that the Hare weighed 10lbs ? was it cleaned and skinned ? thats a BIG hare

Replied: 13th Dec 2014 at 03:13

Posted by: staffbullterrier (2224)

I couldn,t clean/skin or cook a hare(or even kill 1 for that matter) it was what I was told when given some pie

Replied: 18th Dec 2014 at 15:25

Posted by: jo anne (34128) 

From WW What's On - World Pheasant Plucking Championships

Best Newcomer Prize - A Lancashire Firecracker Chilli Plant - link

Anyone fancy their chances?

Replied: 18th Nov 2015 at 09:13
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Posted by: Jazzy (8656) 

Eront, get in there!

I remember my mum plucking a turkey when I was a kid, not for the faint hearted.

You'd love it here Eront, the pheasants that escape the shooting each year get to be enormous, there's one on the field behind us that we call Phil, he's huge! Struts around like he owns the county!!

Replied: 18th Nov 2015 at 10:17

Posted by: broady (18195) 

We have two or three on the street round here all the time. They used to sit on our fence at the back until next door got two dogs. When I go to collect the mail they are always around.

Replied: 19th Nov 2015 at 00:10

Posted by: erontquay (inactive)

I've change the method of taking their jackets off Jo annne
I'll pass on the World Pheasant Plucking Championships Ta.


I've already got 5 in my freezer ready for game pie making day

Replied: 19th Nov 2015 at 09:37
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Posted by: jo anne (34128) 

I've watched the video, Erontquay, as Jazzy says, it's not for the faint hearted!

Replied: 19th Nov 2015 at 09:51

Posted by: erontquay (inactive)

Raised Game pie recipe Transported from my recipe thread.

For the filling: 2 1/2 lb game meat, pheasant rabbit,partridge,5fl oz tawny port or re grape juice,2 tblespoons brandy,1/2 tsp dried thyme, butter for greasing,2 lb minced pork,1 1/4 tsp ground ginger,1 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon,3/4 tsp nutmeg,1 clove garlic crush,2or 3 teaspoons fresh chopped parsley, 8oz thin unsmoked bacon

You really need a sprung, 18cm, 7inch deep cake tin for the baking, as this will make it very easy to release the pie
partway through the cooking.

Trim the game meat from the bones and cube, keeping bones and scaps for the stock.
Pour over the port and brandy or red grape juice, with the thyme and some salt and pepper
Cover and leave to marinade in a cool place overnight
Making the jellied stock 4 allspice berries,6 whole peppercorns,1 level teaspoon thyme,2 bay leaves,1 carrot,1 onion stuck with 4 cloves.lemon juice. one 11 gram sachet powdered gelatine,salt and pepper

Place the game bones and scraps into a deep pan, add enough cold water to cover
Add the spices and herbs for the jellied stock, together with the carrot and the onion stuck with cloves
Bring to the boil and simmer for 2 hours
Skim the surface of the stock now and again
Strain the stock through a sieve into a clean saucepan and boil rapidly until the liquid has reduced to 1 pint (570 ml)
Taste and season with salt and lemon juice as needed
Remove the stock from the heat and whisk in the packet of gelatine

Day 2:

Skim the surface of the stock. It should have set and all the bits will make a thin layer at the top, scrape these off with a spoon.
To make the hot-water pastry 1lb8 oz plain flour,3 level tsp salt,6oz lard,1/4 pint milk or milk and water

Mix the flour and the salt in a ceramic or metal bowl
Melt the lard in the liquid, bring to the boil and pour into the bowl of flour
Beat quickly to form a dough. Lightly pinch together with one hand, kneed until smooth
Cover with cling film and leave to rest for 20-30 minutes

To make the pork filling

To th minced pork
Add the garlic, spices, parsley and a seasoning of salt and pepper, mix well and divide into four equal parts
Shape each quarter into a flat round, slightly smaller than the diameter of the cake tin. (I used small tea plates as a mold, which worked really well)

To make the pie:

Having rested the pastry, divide into 2/3rds, 1/3rd. The 1/3rd will make the pie lid, rewrap it and set aside.
Roll out the pastry and line the sprung cake tin which has been lightly greased. The pastry needs to be taller than the sides of the cake tin by 1/4 inch (0.5 cm). Make sure that there are no thin areas or your pie could leak!
Line the inside of the pie crust with the bacon rashers, trim to just below the edge of the cake tin.
Place a round of the minced pork mixture in, cover with a layer of marinaded meat (use about 1/3rd). Add another layer of pork and so on finishing with a pork layer
Roll out the remaining pastry to make the lid
Glaze the inside of the pastry base and lay on the lid. Pinch the edges of the pie crust together well to give a good join
Cut a hole in the centre to let out the steam. (This will also be used to add the stock so make it about 1cm square)
Use any remaining pastry to cut out leaves or diamonds to decorate the crust. Stick these on with a little egg then glaze the top of the pie with the rest of the egg.
To cook the pie:

Lay a sheet of foil over the pie to prevent the top from burning.
Bake at 220 C (Gas 7) for 15-20 minutes
Remove the foil and then bake at 180 C (Gas 4) for 1 hour or until tender when tested through the steam hole with a skewer
Remove from the oven and carefully spring open the sides of the cake tin
Brush the sides of the pie with the remaining egg
Return to pie to the oven and bake for 30 minutes more
Remove and cool slightly.
Pour the cold stock through the steam hole, a little at a time. ( A funnel makes this easier.) If the cold stock has set, then warm it a little until it becomes liquid again
Leave the pie to cool completely and top up with stock if necessary, to fill the pastry shell
Once completely cold, wrap well put somewhere cold

Replied: 19th Nov 2015 at 09:52

Posted by: Anne (4163) 

This one and another one follow me like little dogs. One or the other knocks on the window morning and evening. both will be entering their fourth winter this year.

Replied: 19th Nov 2015 at 10:15

Posted by: Jazzy (8656) 

That's so cute Anne

Replied: 19th Nov 2015 at 11:25

Posted by: jo anne (34128) 

A lovely photo of a plucky pheasant, Anne.

Replied: 19th Nov 2015 at 15:24

Posted by: i-spy (15034) 

They do have suicidal tendencies walking out in front of
startled drivers -one stretch of road between Appley Bridge and the Beacon is like death wish alley

Replied: 19th Nov 2015 at 17:43

Posted by: Jazzy (8656) 

I-spy, they are not the most intelligent of birds, there are always loads dead on the roads here, however as of this morning Phil the Pheasant is still doing his thing around the back field.

I wonder if he'll still be there after Christmas!🍗

Replied: 19th Nov 2015 at 19:07

Posted by: Anne (4163) 

I wouldn't say the two who who have learned to knock on my window until they get hand fed peanuts are exactly bird brained. Humphrey and Henry.

Replied: 19th Nov 2015 at 21:09

Posted by: erontquay (inactive)

Its game pie season

Replied: 4th Dec 2016 at 11:48
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Posted by: britboy (6794)

Well! That's what ya call a resurrection !

Replied: 4th Dec 2016 at 14:09

Posted by: priscus (inactive)

When I moved to Lincolnshire, in the course looking for somewhere to live, I was chatting to the Post mistress at a village Post Office.

She shared some partridge dinner with me, and when I expressed my approval, she said, "Well, when you move in, I'll introduce you to the poacher".


(Only learned from posting this that it was originally a Lancashire song)

Replied: 4th Dec 2016 at 15:40
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Posted by: erontquay (inactive)

Posted by: britboy (6133)

Well! That's what ya call a resurrection !

Replied: 4th Dec 2016 at 14:09

Its a cracking recipe ^^^^^ though

Replied: 4th Dec 2016 at 19:18

Posted by: britboy (6794)

You will alway get away with it with me eront if it's anything to do with food

Replied: 4th Dec 2016 at 19:56

Posted by: i-spy (15034) 

That takes me back. Wonder how everyone is.

Replied: 19th Mar 2021 at 14:58

Posted by: PeterP (9406)

Its only when you read some of the older posts that you remember some of the members who are inactive or no longer with us

Replied: 19th Mar 2021 at 15:09

Posted by: ena malcup (1163) 

My next door neighbour, in place where I lived back in the eighties, used to cook a beautiful pheasant in plum sauce. She told me it was from Delia's 'Christmas Recipes', but I have tried, and cannot turn out the same flavours my neighbour used to achieve.

Replied: 19th Mar 2021 at 16:23


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