Started by: norman prior (817) 

I don't see any mention of the intended Merger of BAE with French and German Companies on WW.
I am totally against this as our Defence requirements and our Exports and Jobs are too important to be put at risk by countries outside Britain.
It would not be long before jobs would be transferred to the Eurozone and our rquirerments for independant action anywhere would be by permission of foreign companies.with the risk of refusal.
There is too much at stake.

Started: 24th Sep 2012 at 10:11

Posted by: Mac (inactive)

The Airbus Beluga wings are made in Broughton, then shipped out to France where they are attached to the body.
It is then flown back to Broughton, for checks.
Goes over our house low every lunch (ish) time.
Been going on for a few years now.

Replied: 24th Sep 2012 at 10:55
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Posted by: norman prior (817) 

I am not refering to BAE working with the French and German Companies.
I refer to a complete Merger where BAE would be a minority shareholder.

Replied: 24th Sep 2012 at 11:12


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