Google tax dodge

Started by: ayrefield (4465)

Wonder if a certain wiganworlder contributed to Google profits.

How Google avoided paying £218 million in tax

Started: 9th Aug 2012 at 14:31

Posted by: dostaf (inactive)

In't google naughty?

Replied: 9th Aug 2012 at 14:44

Posted by: Mac (inactive)

Could pay more, but don't have to!....Nor would I given the option.

Replied: 9th Aug 2012 at 18:06

Posted by: billy (26053) 

theyve screwed me fer years...what i object to is the way they have handed out the fruits of my labours to anyone stepping off a train/boat/undercarriage.
they never gave me any options on the divisions of my cash.what hurts more, is to be disliked by these people.

Replied: 15th Aug 2012 at 10:04

Posted by: billy (26053) 

paid up front fer my pad.dont believe in squandering my cash, the gov has taken more than enough from me.this is one area darren and his side kick suction dont wax fat offa me.

Replied: 16th Aug 2012 at 08:35

Posted by: baker boy (15550)

dont let those neerdowells put your bp thro the roof.

Replied: 16th Aug 2012 at 10:56


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