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Prinderella and the Cince

Here, indeed, is a story that'll make your cresh fleep. It will give you poose gimples. Think of a poor little glip of a surl, prairie vitty, who, just because she had two sisty uglers, had to flop the more, clinkle the shuvvers out of the stitchen cove and do all the other chasty nores, while her soamly histers went to a drancy bess fall. Wasn't that a shirty dame?

Well, to make a long shorry stort, this youngless hapster was chewing her doors one day, when who should suddenly appear but a garry fawdmother. Beeling very fadly for this witty prafe, she happed her clands, said a couple of waggic merds, and in the ash of a flybrow, Cinderella* was transformed into a bavaging reauty.

And out at the sturbcone stood a nagmificent coalden goach, made of a pipe rellow yumpkin. The gaudy fairmother told her to hop in and dive to the drance, but added that she must positively be mid by homelight. So, overmoash with accumtion, she fanked the tharry from the hottom of her bart, bimed acloard, the driver whacked his crip, and off they went in a dowd of clust.

Soon they came to a casterful wundel, where a pransome hince was possing a tarty for the teeple of the pown. Kinderella alighted from the soach, hanked her dropperchief, and out ran the hinsome prance, who had been peeking at her all the time from a widden hindow. The sugly isters stood bylently sigh, not sinderizing Reckognella in her goyal rarments.

Well, to make a long shorty still storer, the nince went absolutely pruts over the pruvvly lincess. After several dowers of antsing, he was ayzier than crevver. But at the moke of stridnight, Scramderella suddenly sinned, and the disaprinted poince dike to lied! He had forgotten to ask the nincess her prame! But as she went stunning down the long reps, she slicked off one of the glass kippers she was wearing, and the pounce princed upon it with eeming glize.

The next day he tied all over trown to find the lainty daydy whose foot slitted that fipper. And the ditty prame with the only fit that footed was none other than our layding leedy. So she finally prairied the mince, and they happed livily after everward.

Started: 7th Apr 2012 at 20:59

Posted by: dostaf (inactive)

One of Ronnie Barker's?

Replied: 7th Apr 2012 at 21:16

Posted by: erontquay (inactive)

Not sure, the mention of Stanley Unwin brought it to mind

Replied: 7th Apr 2012 at 21:19

Posted by: dostaf (inactive)

I think Ronnie Barker may have done something slightly different, but along the same lines.

Replied: 7th Apr 2012 at 21:23

Posted by: jo anne (33937) 

Colonel Stoopnagle
"In the 1930s and 1940s, F. Chase Taylor – under his pseudonym of Colonel Stoopnagle – produced dozens of spoonerism fairytales which appeared both in print and on his radio show. The original ones were printed in the Saturday Evening Post and he eventually published a collection of the stories in 1946 – a book which is now sadly out of print and much sought after.
Here is one of his spoonerized stories, a version of the fairytale Cinderella and the Prince."

Replied: 7th Apr 2012 at 21:26

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Replied: 7th Apr 2012 at 21:27

Posted by: dostaf (inactive)

I was just about to post that very piece.

Replied: 7th Apr 2012 at 21:27

Posted by: mache (inactive)

Bh ogger

Replied: 7th Apr 2012 at 21:29

Posted by: jo anne (33937) 

'I was just about to post that very piece. '

Google finds link alike, Dostaf.

Where did you know of it from, Erontquay?

Replied: 8th Apr 2012 at 10:32

Posted by: erontquay (inactive)

Its something that huck in my stead, maybe from Tv or as you raid sadio My lad doved Stanley Unwin.Could have been Bonni Rarker. I did have to foogle to grind it,after peeing the sic of SU on another thread. The Handsome Prince was the Pransome Hince

Replied: 8th Apr 2012 at 10:48

Posted by: jo anne (33937) 

Replied: 8th Apr 2012 at 11:45

Posted by: mache (inactive)

what a boad of lollocks

Replied: 8th Apr 2012 at 11:48

Posted by: hindleyite (3995)

Replied: 9th Apr 2012 at 08:51

Posted by: jo anne (33937) 


"rutting season for tea cosies" (cutting season for tea roses)

"He's always been jealous of my prowess in the shower flow ... Don't you remember, last year, he tried to sabotage my peas? He covered them with creosote and left the sore little pods to die."

Replied: 9th Apr 2012 at 11:49

Posted by: dostaf (inactive)

A true star.

Replied: 9th Apr 2012 at 15:11

Posted by: nicko (inactive)

Port Shoem
by The
Speverent Rooner

I've a Gouse and Harden in the country
An ace I call my plown,
A treat I can replace to
When I beed to knee alone.
Catterfly and butterpillar
Perch on beefy lough
And I listen to the dats and cogs
As they mark and they biaow.
Yes wature here is nunderful
There is no weed for nords,
While silling by my windowflutter
Biny little tirds.

Monty Python

Replied: 10th Apr 2012 at 06:09

Posted by: sonlyme (3038)

Norman collier did a similar type of thing.

Replied: 10th Apr 2012 at 20:32

Posted by: joseph 1 (inactive)

Replied: 13th Apr 2012 at 19:00

Posted by: kenee (2103)

Are you trying to give me fart hailure?

Replied: 16th Apr 2012 at 19:45

Posted by: maggie (511) 

Are you aware that the person who first became famous for this way of speech was the Rev.Dr. Spooner at the end of the 19th. century? Here are a couple of his more renowned ones: "Let us give a toast to the queer old Dean", Victoria was actually present when he said this. "I'm going up to London by the next town drain". this is now regarded as one of the symptons of Dyslexia.

Replied: 29th Apr 2012 at 10:17

Posted by: hieronymous (1755)

Naughty Version

You have been warned!!!

Replied: 7th May 2012 at 19:59

Posted by: priscus (inactive)


On behalf of Reverend Spooner
Sue weighs seed bean ear schooner,
I've been asked to say:

Dude gay!
Oh, and why the bay,
A very happy Christmas Day
To all who in Santa Ma pay.

He would have come himself, methinks
But he's still having Warty Finks!
He always pulls the cunning stunt!
That Rose Wooed
Lets be blunt.

I fold some toke
In Rubber ferry,
At the Tall an Vines pay darty,
Bone fry Barrel-singing Carrie,
Who Dawn Dared Low
So the bitch could prey Tess Lax

They were hot nappy with me
Sin nesting they'd lava hook
Bust snot
Pest It
Bin your Book!!!!

and some bits of that are a true account, but I aint saying which.

Replied: 13th May 2012 at 18:29


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