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I'm still chuckling at mester Joseph's outburst on another thread. (which may not last too long)

Booo! Gerroff! Put up or shut up! (16 Feb 17:43)

It came to me later what it reminded me of.

Fine bit of acting @ 3:13

Not really hecklers, I suppose the most famous ones are Statler and Wadorf.

Any clean put downs for hecklers?

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In't google great? Look what I found:

The term originates from the textile trade, where to heckle was to tease or comb out flax or hemp fibres. The additional meaning, to interrupt speakers with awkward or embarrassing questions, was added in Scotland, and specifically perhaps in early nineteenth century Dundee, a famously radical town where the hecklers who combed the flax had established a reputation as the most radical and belligerent element in the workforce. In the heckling factory, one heckler would read out the day's news while the others worked, to the accompaniment of interruptions and furious debate

Many stand-up comedians devise a strategy for quashing such outbursts, usually by having a store of retorts (known as "squelches") on hand. The idea is to get the audience laughing at the interruption


Edit 'Squelches' - Arobably American term.

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