Would you like to be a Green Flag Judge?

Started by: JR (330)

The Green Flag Award for parks and green spaces is operated by Keep Britain Tidy, located at Wigan Pier. I have been a judge 9 years and have had immense pleasure in assessing sites all over England. Judges carry out work as volunteers but expenses are paid including travel, meals and hotel stays. We are now recruiting and would welcome anyone with experience of gardening, horticulture, nature, environment, etc. If accepted, training is given. I have also progressed to being a green heritage judge, and I also assess cemeteries and canals! If you have a passion for the outdoors and particular skills to offer then please look at this link...
Become a Green Flag Judge

Started: 16th Feb 2021 at 18:05

Posted by: JR (330)

I hope we can recruit people in Wigan. We really need to get people involved into promoting our sacred and well received green spaces. We now have a mentoring scheme and I am always happy to be a mentor to new judges. Please give it a thought. You will be making a huge positive difference to our outdoor environment.

Replied: 10th Mar 2021 at 17:43


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