How do you..

Started by: i-spy (15034) 

Know How old a frozen kipper is when you eat it.

Started: 23rd Dec 2020 at 22:08

Posted by: i-spy (15034) 

I only ask because it smells fishy

Replied: 23rd Dec 2020 at 23:08

Posted by: jo anne (34128) 

How old is a frozen kipper?

I don’t know, I-Spy, but they can’t be that young as they have to be old enough to smoke.

Replied: 24th Dec 2020 at 09:07

Posted by: broady (18187) 

I expected the old joke by now!!

If smoking kills you, how come it cures kippers?

Coat at the ready.

Replied: 24th Dec 2020 at 15:51

Posted by: i-spy (15034) 

Can't beat the golden oldies broady

Replied: 24th Dec 2020 at 17:06

Posted by: joey (13)

You would know of i-spy.

Replied: 31st Jan 2021 at 12:54

Posted by: linma (2765)

A light hearted funny thread. Keep it up.

Replied: 3rd Feb 2021 at 06:38

Posted by: bentlegs (4805)

Ask Tonker he knows everything,

Replied: 13th Mar 2021 at 15:53

Posted by: tonker (25247) 

I know one thing. Kippers are fish. They smell fishy!

Replied: 13th Mar 2021 at 19:18

Posted by: ena malcup (1120) 

Do you remember when you could send kippers through the post bowt any packaging, just with an address label tied to them? I used to do parcel sorting on Christmas Post in the Mid-1960's. People often posted Manx Kippers, and the whole parcel sorting area smelled of them.

Replied: 13th Mar 2021 at 20:45

Posted by: i-spy (15034) 

What happened if the address label mysteriously vanished

Replied: 15th Mar 2021 at 13:54

Posted by: ena malcup (1120) 

It did happen. Though often the now detached label was still there to be found. They were nowt like today's kippers, which would just fall apart. They were a far more robust article.

Game was similarly sent unwrapped, and just with an address label. Quite a few pheasants at Christmas time getting bashed around in the jumble of packages and bleeding over other peoples parcels. Used to create quite a mess getting mixed up with the loose alcohol.

People posted bottles of whisky, similarly bowt any packaging and just address label tied around the neck. They frequently smashed. Usually the neck of the bottle broke. So posties finished off the contents. It would only have spilled over all the other packages. I never did, as I was scared of the glass shards.

Replied: 15th Mar 2021 at 16:14


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