Dog Poo the council doing some thing at last

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No change yet here in Walford Road after another 18 months but in The Wigan Observer this week there's a big spread about Poo and Pick it up this is a photo I took today on the footpath that the children has to walk to St-Thomas school and back every day it's just at the top of the street, this is the sort of thing a 4-11 year old has to look for and side step they are not usually this big, I know for a fact the council will do nothing about it

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Sorry it's to big to turn so not wasting my time trying again as we all know it's just a load of talk nothing will change

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I wish they'd ban dogs all round, except working dogs. A blanket ban on keeping the dirty buggers!

The other day, our neighbour called round to ask one of my lads to nip round and install his printer onto his laptop. Anyroadup, I let him in and he trod a pile of dogshit all over the hallway carpet. He'd picked it up off the pavement between us and him. Now then, that pissed me off fine style!

So, I had to spend time cleaning someone elses dog's shite off my carpet. I wish I knew who it was!
Last Wednesday, I had cause to walk around the road just along from my house and I was shocked at how much dog shit there was on the pavement, both sides of the road!
And, d'you know what? it's gone worse since some people up that road got permission off the council to run a dog-minding business from their address. They have a couple of young girls, 13 or 14, coming round after school and walking three or four at a time. Like I said, A BLANKET BAN ON DOGS IN PUBLIC PLACES!

Let them shit in your own garden!!

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Glad your getting some to and here I am thinking you live on the posh side of Ashton, still back Walford Road against any in Ashton for dog poo and Poo bags, when coming home at night I have to take my shoes off before going into the house as it gets in the treads of the shoe I only know it's there when the wife shouts at me so find it better to just taking them off and carry them in, we all know nothing will get done

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We had the police at ours last year, Dougie. My youngest lad's girlfriend caught a middle aged woman letting her dog lay one out on the pavement outside my house. She waded in with "I hope you're taking that with you, you dirty bitch"!
It ended up in a slanging match between the two, with the woman hitting my lad's girlfriend in the face with a plastic bag full of shite before walking off without picking the last lot up.

Two days later, the police arrived. The woman had reported my lad's girlfriend for being abusive. Nothing was said about the dog shitting on the pavement, even though it was still there.
These people are a set of ignorant bastards, but you daren't say owt!

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Theses dark nights lets them get away with murder.

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I spray Jeyes Fluid at the top of my drive & the dogs walk past they don't like the smell

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Sorry about this but I didn't say why i started this new thread in the first place other than the page in weeks Observer,first of all I don't know how it works someone maybe able to help me out here, in the Ashton area a group of volunteers get together some weekends and go out in block to pick up every bit of rubbish in a designated area that all so includes Poo bags I don't know about Dog-Poo.

Well two weekends ago they started at the car park on Bolton Road/Hilton Street (thats as you turn to go to Aldi)going down past the Y.M.C.A. to Walford Road estate I would like to tell you and them they did a first class job they filled over 25 black bin bags full of rubbish and placed them neatly in to stacks waiting to be pick up by the council on Monday which they where, I can tell you not one bit of anything was left on the roads or footpaths,
(I hope someone will come on to verify this for me) then with in two days the first dog Poo arrived and to-day another as arrived within 25 feet of the first lot I've take a photo but don't want to look at dog poo even on a photo as we all know nothing will change

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Posted by: Aziraphale (245)

Should phone the Poolice.

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Aziraphale--Why should you say phone the police with a big I take it you mean ME, it's the councils place to keep the place clean of all the rubbish thrown on the highways so it's up to them to prosecute the people that's doing it, I don't know if you know the area or not but if the council where to come and inspect it in three weeks from the voluntary clean up the place will look just as bad

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Posted by: PeterP (9412)

Dougie Aziraplale meant the POO-lice. At one time you could tell the PCSO if you saw one and they would keep their eye on the problem.

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Thank's Peter you know me better than most on here, I would have it out with them there and then but would never call to report any named person as I pay council tax for them to sort out people dropping litter or anything else.
You can imaging people walking home from a night out in Ashton down Hilton Street somewhere on the big estate with a take-a-way after having a skinfull not being able to eat it all and just dropping it on the floor ( the seagulls come from Southport on a Saturday/Sunday morning for a feast)

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DOG OWNERS. Make your dogs bum squeezings easier to pick up by feeding your pooch iron filings.

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Good UN but I have my way of decorating the footpath so the children don't stand in it at no cost to me
A true dog lover that takes her children to school came to the house with bags and water and said can I clean it up it's not my dogs but we all know you'll not clean it up but it will stop the children standing in it
Before and After clean-up


( Hope you could read it ) Your brain will pick up on the numbers I've changed, 7---3---5--4

your last two should be(47), I am a 7W47

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Sorry for this upload again but you never know someone from the Council may see the photos,copy and show this thread at a meeting they have over coffee, these were left on the path,
I've said before I'll never pick them up, if sent these photos they are duty bound to sent someone out to pick it up ------two days ago-----

----updated,This is still here in the same place on the 4th March after 33 days-----

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I saw this poster dotted about on the canal near Scotmans Flash recently. Possibly a friendly campaign by someone local.

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