Unhappy in france

Started by: bambam (2330)

The French have kicked off in Paris, I can understand these people demonstrating and trying to get their point over, but cannot see the sense in rioting & looting as the government will not pay for damage and destruction they cause, this will come out of shop owners pocket who at end of day are like us just trying to earn a living.

Started: 3rd Dec 2018 at 15:48

Posted by: broady (17302) 

Rioting paid off. Fuel increases suspended.

Replied: 4th Dec 2018 at 13:02
Last edited by broady: 4th Dec 2018 at 13:02:49

Posted by: bambam (2330)

The French don't like it up em broady, and they always try to make their point I'm not saying what they have done is right but they do get what they want.

Replied: 4th Dec 2018 at 20:58

Posted by: raymyjamie (6857)

They are Bolshy b*ggars generally, and as has been said there is no need for the criminal damage that is happening.
That said, they seem to have won the day.

Replied: 4th Dec 2018 at 21:20


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