North Korea

Started by: dave© (3507)

Americans are asked to find North Korea on a map and you probably know where this is going.

Started: 9th Aug 2017 at 17:46

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4929) 

Hello dave::
This reminds me of the Falklands War, when a similar question was asked to the British people ( do you know where the Falkland islands ) the vast majority said are they up Scotland ??? it just shows people lack of knowledge about geography ,next we will be ( " The End is Nigh" have a nice day dave!

Replied: 11th Aug 2017 at 16:28

Posted by: PeterP (9475)

I watch Pointless for my sins and the amount of contestants who have no idea of geography and history is unbelievable.

Replied: 11th Aug 2017 at 17:15

Posted by: dave© (3507)

Yes GB, I remember the Falkland Islands very well, when I was at school some sixty odd years ago, I re-call that some BBC radio programmes for schools were directed at those islands. PeterP, I've always had an interest in history, especially social history. Geography, well, if I don't know where a country is, I usually have an idea in what area its in.

Replied: 11th Aug 2017 at 22:58

Posted by: peebee (628) 

I bet the cruise missiles know exactly where it is. !!!!

Replied: 14th Aug 2017 at 23:13

Posted by: PeterP (9475)

Peebee do the programmers know the difference between North/South KoreaWe don't want what the yanks normally do and kill their own or their allies "friendly fire"

Replied: 15th Aug 2017 at 10:37

Posted by: peebee (628) 

You know what they used to say in WW2...When the Germans fire the British duck, when the Brits fire the Germans duck, when the yanks fire EVERYBODY ducks. !!

Replied: 15th Aug 2017 at 19:22


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