Another leaves the sinking ship???

Started by: broady (18183) 

It would appear that Ian Millward is to leave Leigh and take over at Castleford. What does our Leigh RL correspondent think of this development???

Started: 31st Aug 2011 at 16:35

Posted by: peawapp (5071) 

I have heard the rumours like yourself ,I wouldn't call Mr Millward as he has had an excellent year at Leigh and has ticked the silverware box for us by winning the N.R.Cup ,however the man has got to eat and with all the turmoil at the club this season has done very well.if it is true that Ian is off again I would wish him the very best of luck, and thank him for his good work thus far. remember that last time he left us to go to Saints, he recommended Paul Terzis to the club, who was a very good coach who had the misfortune of trying to win promotion against two full time teams who had more cash than Leigh (Huddersfield and Salford)and if he had a level playing field would have won Leigh promotion before Darren Abram did in 2004, so if the rumour is true all I can say is thanks a lot Ian and the best of luck in the future, one thing i will say however is as long as my ticker is O.K. I will be watching Leigh whichever team turns out for them in whichever league they play ,and whoever is coaching them

Replied: 31st Aug 2011 at 17:23

Posted by: fossil (7317)

Well said peawapp,Leyth has always been a rugby league town and I wish them luck in these difficult times!

Replied: 31st Aug 2011 at 17:44

Posted by: broady (18183) 

I agree with Fossil. Well said peawapp. I hope you get a good coach and in time regain, what is rightfully yours, a team in Super League.

Replied: 31st Aug 2011 at 17:46

Posted by: elmos (2784) 

yes, the best of luck to LEIGH RUGBY CLUB.

Replied: 31st Aug 2011 at 17:49


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