Local football clubs question?

Started by: wigvet (3496)

I attended a christening at Ashton Athletic Football club the other week, and very impressed I was with the facilities, which got me pondering. In a small area outside Wigan we have three football clubs, Garswood, Ashton Town and Ashton Athletic all with their own grounds and clubs.
Is there a football team in Wigan (apart from the obvious) with its own ground and clubhouse?
Whilst we have a number of rugby clubs such as St Pats, St Judes, Rose Bridge & St. Cuthberts all with their own facilities and clubs, I can’t think of football one – I may be wrong
This is not a dig at football; I have always been impressed with the number of teams we have in our local football divisions, both Saturday and Sunday leagues, but why has not one of these teams gone that stage further to develop its own facilities?
Whatever happened to Wigan Rovers?

Started: 28th Jul 2011 at 09:12

Posted by: pisolivadi (1812) 

Here's another decent standard club, Wigvet: Wigan Robin Park FC

And Wigan Rovers still play at Poolstock, St James's Park, I think.

Replied: 28th Jul 2011 at 13:35
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