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Brassed necked Chelsea Jim the tax dodger

Started by: eggbeater (3072)

Wants tax payers to pay for the scrap yards rebuild I thowt he was spending his OWN money on Trafford ? He's almost a bigger liar than shatty

Started: 6th Feb 2024 at 15:05
Last edited by eggbeater: 6th Feb 2024 at 15:06:14

Posted by: eggbeater (3072)

Old scaffoldwill be known as the COUNCIL HOUSE TOO (TWO). Trafford the gift that keeps on giving

Replied: 7th Feb 2024 at 14:38

Posted by: gaffer (8013) 

The rebuild of Wembley stadium attracted a £21 million grant, nearer to £40 million in today’s money, from the now defunct London Development Agency. In 1998 Sport England organised a £120 million Lottery grant for the rebuild of Wembley. In today’s prices that’s around £220 million. So it’s not out of place to ask for a contribution to a rebuild of Old Trafford.

Replied: 10th Feb 2024 at 13:52

Posted by: eggbeater (3072)

Why? The club is owned by to billionaires!!! They are not paupers let them spend their own money also Chelsea Jim is a tax exile! Yet he wants tax payers to fund his club! Like I said brass necked

Replied: 10th Feb 2024 at 14:33
Last edited by eggbeater: 10th Feb 2024 at 14:33:59

Posted by: chatty (9773)

Any more "brassed necked" than the bloke who has lived off "the taxpayers" since the turn of this millennium bleating into his cornflakes about it?

Replied: 10th Feb 2024 at 22:50

Posted by: whups (13514) 

quite right chatty & let,s not forget that ducati bike paid for by dole money .

Replied: 11th Feb 2024 at 23:45

Posted by: Erling (272)


Replied: 7th May 2024 at 11:47


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