Started by: GOLDEN BEAR (4743) 

Well after thinking things cannot get worse ,guess what ???
They have , After reading the piece in today's paper about the Pogba saga , The interim manager Manager Ralph Rangnick has deemed it upon himself to allow This HAS-BEEN -OF -A PLAYER the facilty to play the rest of the season out so has he can get himself ready to depart the club that has already invested millions in him ,so he can GO FOR FREE TO REAL MADRID !!!! The mind boggles has to just who has made this decision. What message does this send to the players who are waiting for a chance to play ? they will have to wait until end of the season to vie for his position once he has left . MAN .UNTD. have made some drastic error's in their time but this surely must rank as THE WORST EVER CHOICE , i am gutted at the way this club appear to bending over backwards to help a guy who obviously has no respect for the club ..........GB

Started: 19th Jan 2022 at 15:50

Posted by: grimshaw (3220) 

I have to concur G B .
And now the latest is that bruno is allegedly the biggest trouble maker in the dressing room and on the training ground .
Its reported he dosnt like being tied down to a particular role and much prefers a free role .
Fingers crossed for a TOP performance this evening v Brentford .

Replied: 19th Jan 2022 at 19:00

Posted by: broady (18055) 

Definitely second best in the first half. Could well have one or two goals behind. When I look at the bench I don’t know how they can shake it up. Everyone I look at is out of form. Attack non existent. Ah well. Onwards and upwards.

Replied: 19th Jan 2022 at 20:55

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4743) 

Hello Broady , Your line about ,,,
Ah well . Onwards and upwards . Shouldn't you have finished it off by adding " and Downwards "" HaHa Keep the faith !!!!!GB

Replied: 20th Jan 2022 at 14:31


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