Humiliating Defeat

Started by: First Mate (671)

Newcastle will not live this down for years. The wealthiest club in the world
defeated by league one club. Cambridge United. Fans demanding a refund on tickets.

Started: 8th Jan 2022 at 21:44

Posted by: chatty (8767) 

It will soon blow over, only a matter of time before the money kicks in and the meritless trophies appear.
Everybody remembers that City were the biggest bag of sh%te in English football (making Newcastle look like Real Madrid) before their lottery win

Replied: 8th Jan 2022 at 22:02

Posted by: Don GB (597)

I'm not sure the powers that be care too much First Mate.

The priority is to stay in the Premier League, it is more about the bigger long term picture than a short term cup victory.

By not progressing in the cup they play fewer games and can concentrate on staying up. If I was a Geordie fan I wouldn't be too disappointed.

Cups these days are more for the likes of trafford who have more chance of winning those than a real trophy.

Replied: 8th Jan 2022 at 22:24
Last edited by Don GB : 8th Jan 2022 at 22:28:15

Posted by: chatty (8767) 

Been peeping at my posts again o years.

Yea as I say can't remember Newcastle ever being in the 3rd tier. Real Madrid indeed

Replied: 8th Jan 2022 at 22:33

Posted by: First Mate (671)

Indeed Don GB

The Magpies will need to turn their attention to Premier League survival, the club is currently sitting in 19th and two points from safety. They need a win next Saturday for sure.

Replied: 8th Jan 2022 at 22:50

Posted by: whups (8266) 

and city have as much chance as cambridge of winning the champions league .

Replied: 9th Jan 2022 at 00:10

Posted by: Owd Codger (596)


Yourself and many other United supporters need to top living in the past where United winning trophies on a regular basis is concerned.

When it mostly happened in the period under managers like Busby, Docherty and Ferguson (all Scottish), United were the richest club in our game, buying many of the best players from within the British Isles and abroad and also signing many of the best young players like Charlton, Edwards, Beckham Giggs, Ronaldo etc.

Now, as a result of foreign investors buying other top clubs who are richer than those who own United and who also can buy the better players and sign outstanding young players, the days of winning trophies on a regular every season have gone unless of course, United get richer owners like neighbours City, Liverpool and the London clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur etc.

Perhaps, the reason why Ferguson retired when he did as he obviously saw the writing on the wall where future success of United was concerned.

United supporters cannot live on past glories for ever.

Replied: 19th Jan 2022 at 08:31

Posted by: frecky (386)

Owd Codger, spot on, but some folk just won't let go and accept the here and now..

Replied: 19th Jan 2022 at 15:50

Posted by: whups (8266) 

it,s down to the manager isnt it ? . a bit rich as how many city "home grown" players are currently in the city squad ? .that,s also spot-on & some folk wont accept that either ? .

Replied: 20th Jan 2022 at 12:06

Posted by: chatty (8767) 

A long but very interesting watch!
Might surprise a few on here

Replied: 20th Jan 2022 at 13:32

Posted by: whups (8266) 

oh dear city the biggest spenders . that,s a come down for those who keep on about uniteds spending .

Replied: 20th Jan 2022 at 14:56

Posted by: grimshaw (3220) 

A very interesting video.
Thank you for posting chatty..

Replied: 20th Jan 2022 at 15:40


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