Started by: GOLDEN BEAR (4457) 

I am asking a genuine question here and would appreciate a proper answer ,, Just why was Wigan's match postponed past SATURDAY I HEARD it was because Oxford were without 13 players after 7 had tested positive with CO-VID . So after only 3/4 short days they can raise a side to play Fleetwood at home .. I RAISE THIS PIONT BECAUSE I FEEL THAT WIGAN ATHLETIC HAVE BEEN TREATED VERY SHABBILY , as we know WIGAN already fell 1 match down due to INTERNATIONAL DUTY'S, Then on top of this OXFORD DEBACLE /FIX WHATEVER YOU CALL IT THE LATIC'S ARE NOW 2 GAMES ADRIFT which in a hectic season just pile's more pressure on the club for they will have to squeeze these 2 games in somewhere .. I AM probably a bit paranoid but feel that WIGAN have been dealt a rough blow . BY THE way under the circumstances a very good point was earned. JUST looking at the stats, WIGAN had 64% possession// 11 shots to 5 ,,, 5 on target to 3 corner's were 7 to 2 for us but we won fouls 14 to 9 overall not too bad away from on a dank TUESDAY NIGHT IN DEEPEST ESSEX ! Finally keep up the good work LATICS ......GB

Started: 24th Nov 2021 at 15:16

Posted by: roylew (3428)

Deepest Cambridgeshire ????????sorry GB

Replied: 24th Nov 2021 at 20:58

Posted by: whups (7566) 

i hope they go up .

Replied: 24th Nov 2021 at 23:58

Posted by: Heatons68 (81)

Hi ,G.B , yeah it did seem a bit unfair , but to give Oxford the benefit of the doubt , they travelled up from Oxford on Friday and stayed at a hotel in Haydock after all the squad testing negative before travelling , they then were tested again Saturday and seven out of the squad tested positive, the team that turned out following midweek didn't contain any of the positive tested players , having more choice of players when back in Oxford . Yes it seems unfair , but understandable, hope this helps.

Replied: 25th Nov 2021 at 11:13
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Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4457) 

HELLO ROYLEW ,ALL i meant by deepest Cambridge was the fact that my daughter lives in ESSEX and i go down a lot ,and it's a bloomin good long drive in midweek ,that's all !! GB

Replied: 25th Nov 2021 at 14:14

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4457) 

ANOTHER very good win away yesterday 2--1 up to top with a game in hand . very well done LATICS , GB

Replied: 28th Nov 2021 at 13:52


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