I see the team with the most to lose

Started by: neverstill (inactive)

Have gone skrikin Ng to the PL over Newcastle's takeove no wonder fans are always skrikin too...

Started: 13th Oct 2021 at 11:52

Posted by: whups (7533) 

ALL the fans are complaining about it . do you ever read a paper or watch the news .

Replied: 13th Oct 2021 at 11:59

Posted by: neverstill (inactive)

Whups they weren't Skriking Ng my n the 90s when they were breaking transfer records left reet and center but that's ok isn't it?

Replied: 13th Oct 2021 at 12:45

Posted by: Don GB (497)

Hypocrites if true.

Replied: 13th Oct 2021 at 12:56
Last edited by Don GB : 13th Oct 2021 at 13:06:12

Posted by: chatty (8626) 

United are back at the top of the sportsboard again, well done keep up the good work.
Quite correct whups Arsenal Liverpool and Spurs were also "skrikin" but we know the one club that needs to be mentioned to make it big news.

Replied: 13th Oct 2021 at 13:18

Posted by: neverstill (inactive)

What club was mentioned chatty?

Replied: 13th Oct 2021 at 13:20

Posted by: chatty (8626) 

No need to
If it was another club you would have tripped yourself up in the rush to tell me otherwise and show me to be wrong.

Replied: 13th Oct 2021 at 13:45

Posted by: neverstill (inactive)

You said the club that needs to be mentioned! I'll ask again what club was mentioned? If the breaking transfer records gave it away you know exactly what I'm talking about then.

Replied: 13th Oct 2021 at 14:11
Last edited by neverstill: 13th Oct 2021 at 14:13:12

Posted by: grimshaw (3063) 

The obsession has no parameters.
On And On And On .zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Some have a word .

Replied: 13th Oct 2021 at 14:36

Posted by: neverstill (inactive)

Your lying holds no bounds!!

Replied: 13th Oct 2021 at 14:39

Posted by: grimshaw (3063) 

So your team is ?

Replied: 13th Oct 2021 at 14:47

Posted by: Tiger cat (598) 

Another stupid thread by the site idiot.

Replied: 13th Oct 2021 at 15:10

Posted by: neverstill (inactive)

It's that stupid you went out your way to post on it hahahaha.

Replied: 13th Oct 2021 at 15:14

Posted by: whups (7533) 

was,nt city doing that very same thing in the 80s when they signed the donkey steve daly from wolves ? .chattys right there,s no need to mention "which club is mentioned " because of a typical laughing boy reply .

Replied: 13th Oct 2021 at 15:22

Posted by: Tiger cat (598) 

Nothing else to do so I thought I would play with the site looney who is obsessed with man united.

Replied: 13th Oct 2021 at 15:24

Posted by: Tiger cat (598) 

Steve daly, what a joke, money down the drain.

Replied: 13th Oct 2021 at 15:26

Posted by: whups (7533) 

which city were doing it long before united .

Replied: 13th Oct 2021 at 15:32

Posted by: neverstill (inactive)

Where they whups show me where city broke more transfare records than united! I'll wait for you to talk bollocks lol

Replied: 13th Oct 2021 at 18:47

Posted by: tonker (24587) 

Replied: 13th Oct 2021 at 19:17

Posted by: whups (7533) 

you never said "breaking more transfers than united " did you . lying again laughing boy .

Replied: 13th Oct 2021 at 23:50

Posted by: fossil (7005)

I think it's laughable when Man United supporters quote Daley who made many appearances for Wolves,City and other clubs as an example of a waste of money.
How would you compare the signings of BEBE.Djemba Djemba,Kleberson,Dong!
I know who I would pick,Daley every time.

Replied: 14th Oct 2021 at 09:39

Posted by: chatty (8626) 

Daley nearly bankrupted City
after Peter Swales tried to keep up with the Jones's ( ie United buying Robbo)
He became a poster boy for all that was wrong with City in United fans eyes and it took them till the lottery win to recover!
Feel free to tell us what City was winning/won with Daley in their squad compared to what United was winning when they had the above mentioned players in theirs, it all about perception
I think the saying is "History is written by the winners".

Replied: 14th Oct 2021 at 09:52

Posted by: Don GB (497)

Petrol/diesel have seen a number of price rises recently.

On behalf of THE CHAMPIONS, the RICHEST UNITED CLUB in the world and PSG, I thank all trafford "fans" and supporters of other clubs for contributing to the financial wellbeing of our clubs every time you fill your car with the above.

Replied: 14th Oct 2021 at 10:53
Last edited by Don GB : 14th Oct 2021 at 10:57:24

Posted by: chatty (8626) 

I wonder how much a gallon it will have to get to for any of you to win a European Cup?

Replied: 14th Oct 2021 at 11:23

Posted by: neverstill (inactive)

Chatty united are not paying their debts trying to keep up with city on the initial money they borrowed how much is the outstanding balance after 16 years? Also when city could not compete with united or any other team for that matter did any of said teams go Skriking to the PL crying foul your honesty on these matters would be welcome.

Replied: 14th Oct 2021 at 11:48

Posted by: whups (7533) 

the reason being that swalles was pocketing all the money & no diffrent to the glasiers . so they did,nt go skrikin to the premire league did they ., they went skriking to them about getting the match against everton match called off using covid as an excuse ? .and if you wanted to slow the game down to a snails pace you,d pick daley everytime .

Replied: 14th Oct 2021 at 12:05

Posted by: neverstill (inactive)

They went Skriking to the PL over newcastle with others chatty will confirm this if you ask him

Replied: 14th Oct 2021 at 12:07

Posted by: whups (7533) 

you ask him & stop trying to get us arguing amongst ourselves . IT WONT WORK LAUGHING BOY . WERE ONTO YOU .

Replied: 14th Oct 2021 at 12:56

Posted by: fossil (7005)

Chatty,Whups called Daley a donkey,unfair in my opinion!
Whether the signing of Daley nearly bankrupted City, could be true,but he was never a donkey.
I would be interested in knowing which squads Dong and Bebe were members of?

Replied: 14th Oct 2021 at 13:00

Posted by: chatty (8626) 

They hardly ruffled a feather, but using them in comparision to City's marquee signing and biggest ever spend at the time and for years and years after and which I say almost bankrupt the club) to try and prove a point is more than a little unfair

Replied: 14th Oct 2021 at 13:30

Posted by: neverstill (inactive)

Van de beek and Sancho can't get a look in they're relying on one season wonder pulling them out the shit again 2013 season all over again now if only scholes came out of retirement!

Replied: 14th Oct 2021 at 13:43
Last edited by neverstill: 14th Oct 2021 at 13:45:47

Posted by: grimshaw (3063) 

If you knew one thing about football and new signings you would know it sometimes takes a player relative ages to show his best form so give beeky and sancho time and most importantly the oppurtunity .
I recall G Pallister seeming to take ages before he showed his true form .

Replied: 14th Oct 2021 at 15:39

Posted by: whups (7533) 

albion all those players you mentioned could move twice as fast as wot daly did & he was definitely SLOW . watch him on itv 4 on big match revisited & then say he was,nt slow .

Replied: 14th Oct 2021 at 17:32
Last edited by whups: 14th Oct 2021 at 23:52:12

Posted by: neverstill (inactive)

Was he slower than pogba strolling about the pitch on 400 thousand a week.

Replied: 14th Oct 2021 at 21:18

Posted by: whups (7533) 

yes he was & he was on top wages for the times .

Replied: 14th Oct 2021 at 23:52


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