Started by: kathpressey (5329) 

Really sad to read that Manfredi will retire at the end of this season. Still a young man who has been let down by his body. He says he has been living in constant pain and has tried to rise above it but just can't do it any more. Such a shame

Started: 28th Jun 2021 at 08:51

Posted by: jarvo (30147) 

I wonder if the slog of winter rugby would have been kinder to him?

All this muscle-bound romping on hard dry pitches aint good for anyone.

Super League needs to take a long hard look at this. Also, it would bring back the 'derby' days between Wiggin and Saints. They are sadly missed.

Food for thought?

Replied: 28th Jun 2021 at 11:51

Posted by: roylew (3371)

And Bevan French out for the season..back in Aussie….Lam should have gone with him

Replied: 28th Jun 2021 at 15:28

Posted by: peter g (2778) 

Roylew for Wigan coach lol

Replied: 28th Jun 2021 at 15:36

Posted by: wigvet (3475)

Had some terrible bad luck with injuries that young man – consistency would I am sure have proved his capability as a top winger

Best wishes for the future – just hope his colleagues, family and friends give him the support that he deserves after receiving such devastating news; it cannot be easy for a man dedicated to his chosen sport

Replied: 28th Jun 2021 at 15:41

Posted by: broady (17211) 

Has someone else managed to get access to your account. The reason I ask is that in your latest post, see above, you actually spoke some sense.

Replied: 28th Jun 2021 at 17:15

Posted by: roylew (3371)

We’re gonna get hammered against Warrington

Replied: 28th Jun 2021 at 17:50

Posted by: broady (17211) 

And they play Saints on Sunday. Will have to improve to get anything at either ground. Bateman and Hardaker out.

Replied: 28th Jun 2021 at 18:57

Posted by: roylew (3371)

Another embarrassing week for our once proud club

Replied: 28th Jun 2021 at 19:30

Posted by: Handsomeminer (1741)

Broady I'm also a little worried as I agree with jarvo plus contested scrums and four subs no interchange

Replied: 28th Jun 2021 at 20:41


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