Started by: GOLDEN BEAR (3349) 

I see he is up to his usual tricks just because he has lost a couple of games he has not got any answers so what does he do ?? ( lets blame MAN U ) aye thats its its their fault we are not getting enough penalties , it wasn't that last season when they were riding high but because clubs are getting wise to them its wrong so spit out the dummy i want more panalties grow up oh and well done southampton .

Started: 6th Jan 2021 at 15:26

Posted by: roylew (3223)

????????spot on GB

Replied: 6th Jan 2021 at 19:37

Posted by: TerryW (6276)

What do you expect from a square head they have an excuse for everything or blame others when they lose something.

Es ist alles deine schuld...It's all your fault.

Replied: 6th Jan 2021 at 19:50

Posted by: Diston (190)

Not only Klopp complaining, Jose Mourino complained about the number of penaltys united get, also Frank Lampard said united get all the Var decisions.

Replied: 6th Jan 2021 at 22:24

Posted by: frecky (128)

And Fergie never ever complained about anything at all....did he...mmm

Replied: 7th Jan 2021 at 15:50

Posted by: peter g (2559) 

You can't blame Liverpool or Man City because the Floorboarders play Burnley on tuesday thats the way the cookie crumbles.

Replied: 11th Jan 2021 at 12:01

Posted by: whups (5454) 

the cookies crumbling the way of them tho city & l/pool ? .

Replied: 11th Jan 2021 at 15:28

Posted by: Tiger cat (396)

Games since boxing day,

Man utd 6

Liverpool 4

I wonder if both teams will feel fresh, mmm.

Replied: 16th Jan 2021 at 13:24

Posted by: grimshaw (2519) 

Spot on t c.
For certain Klopp would have been childs play to Sir Alex re the mind games .

Replied: 16th Jan 2021 at 13:46

Posted by: Tiger cat (396)

I thought both teams were under par last night, United need a lesson in how to pass a ball, to many players not in the game and the first touch sometimes is dire, if United had played anything like their best they could have had 3 points, mane is fast and dangerous,but goes to ground as much as sterling of city, thiago had a good game , in all, not a good game for the armchair fans of both teams.

Replied: 18th Jan 2021 at 10:14

Posted by: whups (5454) 

we had the better chances but it was a predicted draw .

Replied: 18th Jan 2021 at 11:11

Posted by: grimshaw (2519) 

O g s should put a notice in the dressing room before they take the pitch for the next game .Thus .
Pass to a player who is wearing the same coloured shirt f f s.
In the end a good point but i was v much hoping he would change and go for the win .The bin dippers were for the taking .

Replied: 18th Jan 2021 at 12:57

Posted by: Tiger cat (396)

Taxi for klopp.

Replied: 24th Jan 2021 at 19:19

Posted by: grimshaw (2519) 

T C .

Replied: 24th Jan 2021 at 20:14

Posted by: broady (16580) 

Enjoyed the game and a good result but I still think they try to play too much football in their own penalty area. Porr it upfield.

Replied: 24th Jan 2021 at 20:55

Posted by: whups (5454) 

league bid over after a performance like that . too much tinkering with the team with bad selections like martial ,telles & matic . did,nt raniari get sacked for tinkering with his team ? .

Replied: 28th Jan 2021 at 00:05

Posted by: broady (16580) 

My opinion is always select your strongest team and win games. Winning is a great habit. If someone is injured or REALLY needs a break then bring his replacement in. This changing four or five players at a time is rubbish. I watched today and they were poor.

Replied: 28th Jan 2021 at 05:32

Posted by: Tiger cat (396)

Klopp having a go at man city, says they have had two weeks rest through covid that's why they are top of the league, the team are fresh, might have a point,

Replied: 6th Feb 2021 at 11:07


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