Started by: GOLDEN BEAR (3230) 

I would like to suggest that until a vaccine is found ALL SPORT IN BRITAIN should cease immediately , i find it very strange when all the populus is being ordered to follow the rules yet ,yet sportsmen/women can come and go any where they want . Surely this is a contradictory of the rules . To give us all a chance to rid us of this horrid virus would it not be the wise thing to shut all the sport down until the virus is eradicated? We had England travelling to ITALY ,Scotland to an infected country Wales , then we have all these Champion's league games involving travelling to and fro to Europe . To me it's just insanity. Dont get me wrong i truly love all sports but hang on a minute there are hundreds of human beings DYING EVERY DAY , to justify my claim imagine a team playing away say in europe you are looking at 20 plus players, b/room staff 6, club officials etc ,then all these people come home mix with thier wifes /friends /children then they inturn mix with all thier friends and so and so on it' RIDICULOUS THERE YOU HAVE LIKE OR LUMP IT time will tell ,stay safe all WIGAN WORLDERS BYE G.B.

Started: 2nd Nov 2020 at 15:01


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